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Leaving Neverland Director Dan Reed Says Banning MJ’s Music Totally Misses The Point

As radio stations across the globe have united in an anti-MJ crusade, the ‘Leaving Neverland’ director, Dan Reed, has said in an interview with Newscorp that this signals a huge misstep, saying it’s not a very ‘progressive’ response to dealing with victims and repercussions of sexual assault.

“This isn’t about banning Michael Jackson’s music,” .

“I don’t believe in burning books or banning music. That’s not a very progressive thing to do. But clearly it’s going to have an impact. I don’t know how many parents are going to want to have Michael Jackson songs playing at their kids’ parties …” Reed said.

He’s explained to Newscorp that his intentions for producing the doco were largely to do with allowing victims Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the opportunity to have their voices heard and taken seriously.

“My ambitions for the documentary is that it serves as a beacon for people who’ve suffered child sexual abuse, that it serves as a warning for parents and it serves to correct our relationship with celebrity.”

Just days after its premiere in the US, the controversial doco has already received a melting pot of reviews. Some have jumped swiftly to defend the late star as they found the doco largely bias and lacking key witnesses crucial to making for a well-rounded case.

The majority, though, have condemned the actions of MJ and are convinced by the accusations. ‘Leaving Neverland’ paints Jackson in a light very similar to how he was perceived by the world throughout his entire career. He was tainted by a number of accusations and people were generally sceptical of the star, regardless of his defenders.

Dan Reed also mentioned that the documentary comes at an extremely pivotal time, coinciding with the explosive R. Kelly interview earlier in the week. It mirrors a narrative of emerging sexual assault allegations much like those of MJ.

“It feels as though we’re riding a wave with #metoo and Surviving R Kelly. The world is shifting on its axis and we’re part of that in a small way. Or a big way.”

The first part of ‘Leaving Neverland’ will premiere in Australia tonight, followed by the second airing tomorrow.

Image Source: HBO Youtube, @Andrea90047643, @danreed1000. 

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