LEGO Have Donated $4M To Fight Racism And Inequality, And More Brands Should Follow

Brb, going to buy more LEGO.

A lot of companies and celebrities around the world have been making generalised statements over the past week in response to Black Lives Matter protests. But few have gone the extra mile to put their money where their mouths are, and publicly and forcefully condemn police brutality. LEGO have announced that they’ll be donating $4 million to fight racism and inequality.

And to further prove their dedication to stand with BIPOC, LEGO have also pulled all marketing for sets and accessories that include police officers and police stations/buildings/vehicles. They’ve even pulled marketing for their “The White House” set – I guess we know where the LEGO execs stand on the 45th POTUS.

Most people I know love LEGO, myself included. They’re a staple in many homes across the world, from kids to adults. And even celebrities post their LEGO building adventures.

I honestly love building LEGO sets. For three years in a row at Christmas, my cousin and I would help our youngest cousin build his sets. It was my favourite way to spend Christmas Day. I didn’t think I could love LEGO any more than I already did, but they just had to prove me wrong.

Companies Like LEGO Can Help To Change The World

LEGO isn’t the only company that have been vocal about their fight against racism. The GOAT ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, have posted a lengthy statement on their website in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd. It’s one of the most powerful statements by a company that I’ve ever read.

“The murder of George Floyd was the result of inhumane police brutality that is perpetuated by a culture of white supremacy. What happened to George Floyd was not the result of a bad apple; it was the predictable consequence of a racist and prejudiced system and culture that has treated Black bodies as the enemy from the beginning.”

They have also called for four things in their statement:

#1 For President Trump to commit the US to formal healing and reconciliation, and for him to not call for aggressive and violence responses to protestors.

#2 For Congress to pass legislation to create a commission to study the effects of slavery and discrimination and recommend appropriate remedies.

#3 To create a national task force that would draft bipartisan legislation aimed at ending racial violence and increasing police accountability.

#4 For the Department of Justice to reinvigorate its Civil Rights Division as a staunch defender of the rights of Black and Brown people.

Celebs Are Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

The cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine have collectively donated $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network. The team have condemned the murder of George Floyd and encourage their fans to donate to their local bail funds.

Kanye West has donated $2 million to support the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. He has also set up a college savings fund for Floyd’s 6 year old daughter, Gianna. Kanye’s donation is going towards funding for legal fees of the families of Floyd, Arbery and Taylor, and for a number of Black-owned businesses across the country that have been affected by crisis.

There have also been reports today that Kanye has joined protestors in Chicago.


Image Source: Facebook (LEGO Australia)

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