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Let Me Down Easy: How To Keep A FWB As A Friend

FWB seems like the happy medium these days. As long as both parties are agreeing and feelings are mutual. Which, of course is a rarity. Chances are, someone is most likely to get attached, or jealous, or just general disagreements are bound to arise. If you’re in the latter category because you’re not feeling attached and they are, or vice versa, it’s probably doomed. BUT this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of this person from your life completely. Chances are you enjoy their personality as a friend, and this is the art of keeping that around, sans the benefits. 

#1 There’s A Thin Line

… Between FWB and “no strings attached”. If you’re seeing each other and getting busy sans friendship, chances are you’re not going to be able to salvage a friendship from this. FWB, however generally means you were friends with them before you got down and dirty, so collect $200 and pass go.

#2 Communication Is Key

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Yes, I know, this isn’t a full-blown relationship, and you don’t want to complicate things. But if you want to keep the friendship there, you’re going to have to communicate (*gasp*). You’re going to have to talk to them openly about what you want, if you’re seeing someone, or just not enjoying it anymore. Whatever it is, be sure to keep them in the loop, because leaving them in the dark and ghosting them can get you a nasty reputation, and that’s one way to end up a crazy cat lady.

#3 Don’t Make Any Sudden Moves

If you didn’t go on friendly dates before you signed up for FWB, now is not the time to start. This will definitely give the wrong message and can potentially lead said friend on, ending up with one hurt soul. Yes, FWB might be a great idea, but you really need to be careful to not give mixed signals. Be sure to not change anything out of the norm for the agreed relationship, even if you are starting to feel attached.

#4 Let Them Down Easy

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Yes, communication is KEY. You need to keep said friend in the loop, as you’re not sure of their feelings nor are they of yours. Letting someone down easy definitely is not an easy task nor ideal, but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Completely ghosting them is of the latter category. You need to talk to said friend (In person or at least over the phone) to let them know what’s going on, otherwise the whole thing can play on their mind and they can start to pick themselves apart.

#5 Keep In Touch

Yes, it may be a little awkward at first, but if you want to salvage a friendship from this, you might have to actually be an adult and talk to them and be… you guessed it, friends. Ex-FWB’s can be a great person to talk to about intimate experiences you might’ve had with other people, dates you might’ve been on or just general life stories. If you want to be friends with them, you’ll need to keep in touch, and depending on how much time you want to spend with them is up to you.

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