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All The Lies TV Taught Us About Life As An Adult

Remember when we couldn’t wait to be thirteen.. then sixteen, then eighteen and beyond? What about all the shows we watched in that time that portrayed adulthood as this organised system? As usual, we find ourselves eating our words, and reminiscing on the days where our biggest concerns were getting home in time to watch Bear in the Big Blue House. With our progression with age, comes the realisation that life isn’t as easy as what we saw on the Disney channel.

You’ll Live In A Big Ass Apartment With All Your Best Friends From High School

Even living in a big apartment in general? Hah, lies. A) if you’re still friends with a tonne of high school mates then what kind of alternate universe are you living in, mate? And B) big apartments with a tonne of rooms only exist if you have some kind of inheritance to pay for a penthouse that’s not in Sydney.

You’ll Get A Great Job Easy Peasy 

A small fraction of us would have experienced this, and kudos to you, friends. We commend you. But for the rest of us it’s a bloody slog trying to get off the ground and make a positive name for ourselves. Heck, even after graduating from university. Many shows gave us the illusion that there are great jobs in abundance that fit with the career path we want. They made the application process look breezy. When the reality is that even some entry level jobs are required to have a year or two of experience (huh?) And while there can be a nice selection, we have to claw and scratch our way to the top. So honestly, it seems we need to start preparing for the workforce when we’re five to imitate what we see on the TV.

You And Your Ex Are Endgame

Nah though, God forbid. TV always has the classic plot of people breaking up and then getting back together, as if they weren’t emotionally torturing each other for months on end. Of course, we want the main couple on TV to get back together, because we’re emotionally invested. But this rarely happens in real life because.. this is reality, people. We may break up, but the likelihood of getting back together may be a bit of a stretch. Could you imagine us all getting back with our ex partners? Chaos.

You’ll Have An Endless Wardrobe

If you do have a bottomless pit of clothes to wear, can you teach me your ways? If I buy clothes, paying my rent becomes a bit of a hit and miss. If anything, we seem to have a whole heap of random clothes from 2012 that don’t go with anything, rather than the latest trends. The struggle is real when you’re watching a show like Sex and the City or Gossip Girl, while you’re sitting there looking like you’re haggard.

There’s An Endless Supply Of Time And Money For Brunch

This is probably the most disappointing aspect of adulthood (apart from the crippling debt.. haha.) We can’t have brunch daily due to commitments like work.. nor do we have the money to support that lavish lifestyle.

Image source: HBO Original Programming, Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions and Warner Bros. Television

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