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Life In Our 20s: Expectation Vs. Reality

Not quite the teenage dream we all thought.

There comes a time where we tend to reevaluate our lives and assess where we are, compared to where we thought we’d be. Sometimes it’s a slippery (often amusing) thought process to make our way down, but we just can’t leave well enough alone. So, here are some of the expectations we’ve had that may not have worked out as planned.

Living Scenario

Expectation: You’re A Proud Home Owner

The notion of owning a beautiful home with all the bits and bobs attached was something that was projected onto our barbies pottering around their plastic mansions. A house with three bedrooms and space for a dog in the backyard is totally attainable.

Reality: You’re Living In A Rental, There’s A Hole In The Ceiling, And The Drain Exploded The Other Week

While it’s a great thing that we have somewhere to sleep at night, we just end up looking around our tiny rental, wondering how the landlord could let the building fall apart like this. The jokes and jests are thrown around that we spend all our cash on smashed avo. Or that collectively, we’re lazy and can’t be bothered to work. The reality, however, is that most of us are breaking our backs and have ignored the advice of our government, saying to “just get better paying jobs,” for the sake of passion.

Nights Out

Expectation: You’re Having Sophisticated Drinks At A Riverside Bar

Watering hole preferences are expanded. We all dress well and are ready to have a drink that’s a fruity looking work of art. We all get to sit and relax for hours on end. About 30 minutes in, cheese platters and pâté are ordered because financial stability is a thing, so why not? The night is so chill that by 10:30 we’ve gone home, ready to sleep and wake up refreshed tomorrow.

Reality: You’ve Ended Up At A Bar That’s So Dirty You’re Being Bitten By Fleas

In retrospect, going to the bar for a good time seems like a decent idea. That’s until we’re immersed in sweat and spilled drinks. After having a dance and watching two guys have a tiff on the floor, the lights come on indicating that it’s time for everyone to leave. In amidst the chaos of everyone moseying out, we get to see how ratchet our existence has been for the past couple hours. The bar was a breeding ground for fleas (winning.)


Expectation: Your Car Is A Dream To Drive

Our cars are wonder machines with great fuel economy, so those weekend trips to the beach don’t cost a damn fortune. The cars stereo system is also killer, with an aux cord and a great base to treble ratio that everyone froths over.

Reality: Your Car Is Making An Inconspicuous Noise

The car keeps making noises that sound like the soul of it is dying a painful death. But it does it so often that laughing nervously and turning up the music to drown it out, is a regular occurrence. Sometimes the check engine light also comes on. It’s gotten to the point now where patting the steering wheel and talking to the car, much like you would when consoling an irritable toddler, is the best bet.

Love Life

Expectation: You’re Happily Taken

Your love life isn’t in shambles, instead you’re happy and locked into a mushy, affectionate bubble.

Reality: You’re Drinking In The Corner Of Another Engagement Party

Time is spent looking on across the room at everyone having a great time mingling, and here we are, wondering how we’ve made it back to yet another one of these celebrations. It’s not as if we’re not happy to be there, and that our friend’s engagement isn’t exciting. But for a couple seconds, we feel as though we’re already 40 and are the last to the party when it comes to relationships.

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