Why Packing & Saving is Key to a Good Holiday

luggage stuffing

luggage stuffing

Need tips on choosing the right backpack, or how best to pack your bag? Perhaps you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to be able to save all that money you think you’re going to need? Well, it’s not as daunting as you might think it is!

Backpacks & Suitcases

One of the first things that comes to mind when deciding to go on a holiday, is what am I going to wear? Well deciding what’s going to store all those things you’re going to want to wear is just as important, if not more so. The sort of trip you decide on taking will determine how it will be best for you to pack. Spending a few weeks and staying in hotels? Then a suitcase is likely to be a good option for you.

Choosing the right backpack and packing correctly may seem insignificant, but it will drastically affect your way of travel, so you’ve got to be smart about it.

However, if like myself you are constantly backpacking through many of the beautiful countries that Europe has to offer, a backpack is going to be your best option. Not only are they lightweight but will make walking around the easiest, even though you’ll be carrying an extra weight of 20kg. Choosing the right backpack is crucial. If travelling for a few months, you want something that will provide all the right support. If the bag doesn’t fit or sit right with your body shape, it could eventually cause unwanted back pain.

Getting a bag with inbuilt wheels may seem like a great idea to begin with, but don’t go there. Not only will they eventually start to punish your back, but they add extra weight to your bag, and when travelling for prolonged periods no one wants to carry unnecessary weight directly from the item that’s supposed to carry all your luggage.

As with any bag, you need to avoid over-packing. You are going to be limited on storage and will want to fit in all those clothes and gifts you’re going to buy while you’re away. So what do you take? What do you leave behind? Try and pack the bare minimum. Don’t pack too much of anything, except socks and undies, as you will always end up wearing the same item time after time. Not only that but if you choose to backpack, in many places you will be required to wash your clothes by hand. The less you have to do, the better off you’ll be.

Stores like Anaconda and Kathmandu should be your first stops for choosing a backpack for travelling. Both stores provide a fantastic range of travel-related items from backpacks and clothing, to travel accessories. Kathmandu sells very nifty ‘packing cells’ in various sizes to separate items. One cell could be used for all your socks and another for t-shirts, thereby making going through your bag to find something a much easier process. One rule to always live by when packing is to roll your clothes. You can fit SO much more! Choosing the right backpack and packing correctly may seem insignificant, but it will drastically affect your way of travel, so you’ve got to be smart about it.

Saving Cash

Saving for your holiday is definitely one of the most daunting tasks. When you realise that holidays will cost in the thousands, if not tens of thousands, it almost makes you feel as if that it just isn’t worth it. Dismay that thought. Throw it out the window. Never think that way again. There’s one main philosophy I live by when it comes to saving money. Whatever you are saving towards, it has to be a goal.

If travelling is an utmost priority for you, then saving becomes considerably easier. This is because you have a goal. Without a goal, you’ll always find an excuse to not put money aside each pay day. If travelling and experiencing wanderlust is not as important for you, then that drunken night out or overpriced festival ticket is going to take a priority.

Maintaining the idea in your mind that you’ll be in Europe soaking up that beautiful Mediterranean sun, or exploring the east coast of the United States or even indulging in the nightlife of major cities all over the world should be enough incentive to kick start your savings goals. Eventually, as your bank account grows and you step on that plane to fly across the world, you’ll realise all the sacrifices to get to that point were entirely worth it.

Happy packing, happy saving!


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