5 Lessons You’ll Learn In Europe

I finished my first year of uni and I wasn’t sure about my degree anymore. I did exactly what I was told not to do – I took a gap year and I went to Europe for a six-month jaunt. I bought my plane ticket a month before I left on a trip that taught me some valuable lessons (that includes my dislike for clichés). I am by no means an expert at travelling or life – however, I learnt certain lessons that helped me understand how I can make university work for me. 1. You’re Stronger Than You Think I wasn’t planning to travel alone; I decided that before I went to Hungary I would take a pit stop in Vienna to split the trip. I’m an extremely social person; I struggle to be alone at any part of the day. My phone has more traffic than the M5. I was referred to a distant relative that I had never met before, who I found difficult to communicate with, which led me to wander the streets of Vienna on my own. I had to become my own tour guide; I visited Schonbrunn where I was that awkward chick asking … Continue reading 5 Lessons You’ll Learn In Europe