Hidden Gems: Dumplings & Beer

There a few combinations I get excited about. Diamond + Cartier, Christian + Louboutin, Holiday + Paris, Prince + William, Dumplings + Beer. DUMPLINGS & BEER! Yes. It is a thing, and it is as wonderful, delicious and perfect as you could possibly imagine. Definitely a Hidden Gem (and a recent addition) to the Potts Point restaurant collection of Sydney. Dumplings & Beer is the perfect place to amp yourself up for a night out in Kings Cross, or an excellent venue to impress a date with your knowledge of the back streets of Sydney. The venue doesn’t seat more than 25 people, so you need to be strategic. Get in Early to secure a seat. Once inside you’re greeted warmly – it’s homestyle cooking for a reasonable price. There are only 14 items you can order from the menu, so go in a group, get everyone to order a couple of things and share. Think along the lines of Spiced Pork Belly sliders with cucumber, shallots and Hoisin sauce, Slow Roasted Eggplant with pan fried tofu or classic Barbecue Pork Buns along with traditional steamed and fried dumplings. Then there’s the beer… The beer menu is more extensive then the food menu, with 20 … Continue reading Hidden Gems: Dumplings & Beer