No More Ugly: Making the World Beautiful Again

No More Ugly is a small but ambitious fashion brand. Currently specialising in camera bags, the goal of the start-up is to “rid the world of ugly, one thing at a time”, with the kicker being that ugly doesn’t just refer to products. After a year in existence, business is beginning to pick up thanks in part to a greater emphasis on promotion through social media. I sat down with Tina Lee, the creator of the No More Ugly brand, to chat about design, brand management, and to find out just why she wants to rid the world of all things ugly. What gave you the inspiration to start No More Ugly? Tina Lee: I’ve always wanted to start my own brand. I discovered these bags when I was traveling in Hong Kong and straight away I knew I wanted to share them with Australia. I wanted to show everyone that there were these amazing looking camera bags that will make you want to take your DSLR out with you. Seeing the bags for the first time was a real light bulb moment. Your site mentions the goal is to “rid the world of ugly one thing at a time.” Would … Continue reading No More Ugly: Making the World Beautiful Again