Lifting The Coronavirus Haircut Restrictions Is Totally Inconsistent With Isolation Rules

Where’s the consistency? Is this an emergency or not?

The Federal Government has scrapped the 30-minute hair dressing restrictions they only just imposed on the public, citing feedback from hairdressers saying that the time limit was impossible.

Considering at the same time, all food places can only work on a take-away basis, and people are being told not to leave their house for anything other than essential business lest they risk $1000 fines, it’s sending a pretty mixed message.

The sudden lift has left people asking about what an essential service really is.

Why is getting a hair-cut seen as essential when other beauty services are deemed non-essential?

Obviously, the coronavirus is incredibly serious and people should be taking all measures necessary to ensure they don’t catch it or spread it to anyone else. The fact that we must work from home and avoid sending kids to school, that we can’t eat out, get our nails done, or any other typically self-indulgent things we usually do is supposed to drive home how serious this is.

Essentially, it’s supposed to make sure you stay the fuck at home.

By allowing hairdressers to remain open while shutting down most other businesses, it definitely sends a really conflicted message on how seriously the public should be taking isolation measures.

If you can get your hair done – and we’re talking get it done, not just a less-than-30-minute trim, then it really undermines the supposed importance of staying inside. There’s no consistency with isolation measures, which means people aren’t going to take things seriously. Even Albo says so, and I can’t believe I agree.

Australia’s coronavirus cases are soaring, particularly in NSW, so it’s important now more than ever to curb new infections.

“Because of the lack of consistent messaging, because people had been flouting the earlier advice regarding social-distancing measures, we need to move further and quickly to ensure that what we’re seeing around the world doesn’t mimic and occur on front doors,” The Australian Medical Assosciation’s president Tony Bartone said.

Basically, forget about getting your hair done – #StayTheFuckAtHome, not just for your sake, but for any vulnerable person you could accidentally spread the coronavirus to.

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