Literally Just The Most Accurate Memes That Sum Up How 2020 Has Royally Ballsed Up Our Plans

I love the internet.

There’s no denying, 2020 has royally ballsed up our plans. Diaries have been thrown out the window. I mean, calendars, who is she? Schedules, don’t know her, either.

But in the true spirit of the internet, our collective experience of having newly-empty lives have been turned into memes. It was inevitable, and thank GOD it happened.

A meme is the one way to truly capture the bleak yet hilarious way our plans and expectations for the year have been crushed.

And, while there are always goodies, these are some of our favourites that have at once made us happy and sad for the eventless abyss that our locked down lives have become.


For the real G’s who get this. R.I.P.

At this stage, I look like Yzma.

Ok, ouch, my heart.

Hey Siri, play ‘Watcha Say’ by Jason Derulo.

Did they just…?

If there’s one thing this meme does, it’s show just how together we all really are.

Whether we’re film buffs, suckers for a horror film, or will only watch classic rom coms. Or whether you’re a Whovian, a Star Wars nut, or even a bonafide Lord of the Rings fan. If you prefer Disney or Nickelodeon, Marvel or DC. Whether you got none of those memes or only a few. Whoever you are, whatever you do. We really are all in this together.

Bless this mess. Stay sane and stay safe, folks.

Image Sources: Twitter (profiles embedded), GIPHY.

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