A Local’s Guide To An Adelaide Night Out

We always rock up in a new city, maybe read a few reviews of places to go, Google the best rated venues next to the place we’re staying at – and that’s all good. But sometimes, it means we’re just going to the mainstream venues.

You want to live like a local and visit the places that don’t always make the tourist guides. So we chatted to three Adeladians about their usual night out on the town so you can live like them.

Siobhan K – The Slightly Tipsy Night

7pm // Kua Mexican Bistro

“A fab little modern Mexican restaurant, which excites and pushes the boundaries without going OTT.”

“The food is to die for and made for sharing, so I normally go with the girls or some friends from work. Also the wine selection is brilliant and a nice compliment to the food.”

8:30pm // Scroll Ice Cream

“Scroll is a cool little handmade ice cream place that is perfect for a quick, naughty, little nibble after dinner.”

“It’s as the name suggests, it’s ice cream in rolled up scrolls with a bunch of different toppings. Calories don’t count on the weekend anyways, right?”

9pm // Bank St Social

“Bank is pretty popular these days, but there’s good reason for it. Try and get there at a decent hour to avoid lining up, and once you get in just commit to staying there.”

“The mood lighting works wonders, and there are always some keen dancers around. It’s the perfect place for a few drinks to just push you to that tipsy state – without getting to the point where you regret drunken texts the day after.”

Nadine M – The Cultured Night

7:30pm // Dinner @ Iberia

“There is Spanish, then there is Iberia. You sort of have to throw your normal perceptions of Spanish food out the window before visiting this amazing restaurant. The food is to die for and leans toward being fine dining, but without ever lacking in portion size.”

“The cocktail range is impressive, and is extremely creative. As a whole, it’s classy, exciting and will push your taste buds all the way.”

9:00pm // Stand Up @ Rhino Room

“Love this place and the community. They’ve recently moved over to Pirie Street, but it still feels like home. Tickets are cheap, and it always feels the way a local comedy venue should feel like.”

“You can grab drinks, and it’s small enough to feel like an intimate stand-up gig, but not too small where you’re one of ten people in the audience.”

11:00pm // Sweet treats @ Dessert Story

“If you have a sweet tooth or three like myself, then Dessert Story has to be on your schedule. It’s open super late too, we’re talking 2am on Saturdays late, so you can cruise in without worrying about when it might close.”

“It’s a Taiwanese/Chinese style, and trust me you’ll get some authentic experiences here. Get on the black rice ice creams, the best thing is that most of the food is on the healthier side, too.”

Jake T – The Wild Night

8pm // Bread & Bone

“Home to some of my favourite burgers in town, but with a trendy and modern feel that’s exciting enough to smash a feed before a big night out.”

“The wings are also awesome, and they have a handful of solid starters for the standard non-burger eater in the group. The Three Little Pigs pork burger is deadly good.”

9pm // Rocket Bar & Rooftop

“A perfect bar to get the first few drinks in the belly. The rooftop is always buzzing, especially in summer and it’s a good venue to get some atmosphere without being too busy.”

“Have a few here to get you in the mood, and maybe even chat to some groups about their plans for the evening. We’re a friendly bunch down here.”

10:30pm // Fat Controller

“FC is actually home to some of the best touring acts, and generally wild vibes for a Friday or Saturday. From bands to DJs and everything in between, you’ll always have a night worth raving about.”

“Best to check if any ticketed events are on before heading in, but even if there are, they’re usually cheap as – and it’s worth the experience alone.”

3am // Café De Vili’s

“Look not going to lie, it can be a bit of a mission to get to De Vili’s at times, since it’s about a 5-10 min Uber from the city – but totally worth it. It’s open 24 hours, and they do the best “I’m drunk give me carbs” food in the wider Adelaide area.”

“The food is hearty and warm, it doesn’t mess around. I can’t count the amount of hot chips and gravy I’ve had in the early hours here.”

Leave the clubs of Sydney and Melbourne behind and venture somewhere new. No matter the mood, Adelaide has a night out for everyone. Get some more deets from our mates at

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