Long Distance Relationships And How To Make The Most Of Your Time Together

Recently, my partner moved to Melbourne, leaving me in a steadily crumbling Sydney. After living together for almost a year, this has been a sudden readjustment and tbh I’m not loving it. When you’re used to having your S/O around you all the time, becoming long distance can be really jarring and pretty emotional.

So the time that you do get to have together is pretty bloody important and you’re gonna want to make the most out of it. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, so I’m gonna share with you some of the ways to do that.

Don’t waste a single second

This is gonna be obvious, but honestly, when you’re only working with the occasional weekend every goddamn second counts. Don’t spend too much time scrolling socials. Delete the stupid games on your phone that you’re addicted to. Delete social media apps. Just spend the time totally present with your partner. Being long distance, it could be a hot minute before you’re together again.

Take plenty of photos

Finally getting time together is all about creating memories. And snapping pics of those means when you’re feeling a bit down, you can look back fondly. Make those warm fuzzies relivable when you’re missing ya sugar. I especially love having my favourite picture as my phone background. It gives me a nice little boost throughout the day, and having them close by is sure to feel good.

Stock up on cuddle time

I don’t know about you guys, but this for me is an absolute priority. When you can’t reach your cuddle quota, getting as much bang for your buck when you are together is an important part of your weekend. I’m not suggesting you spend the whole time cuddling, but make sure you do get up close and personal.

Get dressed to the nines

Have a date night, and make it a good one. Use this as an excuse to put on some of your best clothes and hit up a fancy bar. Go to a nice dinner. Have a special night out. Date nights are few and far between now, so when you do have the chance, go all out.

Get freeeeaaakay

This one’s probably a no brainer. But being long distance can leave certain needs unmet. And there’s only so much you can DIY. Spend some quality time ~reconnecting~ and getting that fire burning between each other blazing hot. Though really, you probably don’t need me to encourage you to rip each others clothes off.

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