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Lorde Hints At A New Album, So Get Your Wild Dance Moves Out

We’re waiting for it, Lorde’s next album, we want it.

Its officially been two years since the release of Lorde’s second mega-hit album, Melodrama. The album’s birthday was on Sunday June 16, and Lorde finally came out of her New Zealand cave to report what she’s been up to. Her thoughts post-Melodrama are wistfully Lorde, with the most blatant honesty met with her trademark quirk.

Given Lorde’s social media hiatus for the past couple of years, we were pretty shook to hear from her. She made her statement to fans via her Instagram story, so the post was only around for a sad 24 hours. However, according to her message-turned-Insta-story, she’s been having a great time coming down from the huge post-Melodrama wave.

She’s been teaching herself to play the piano in her New Zealand home (of course she has), and she promises she is working on ideas for her third album.

“Third one is in the oven,” she mentioned.

She began writing Melodrama around 19 years old, which is just wild (let’s not do the whole what were you doing at 19, k?). And while she’s still only 22, she reckons she’s matured heaps since Melodrama. While it’s not inconceivable that Lorde is on the fritz of becoming even more woke, it’s honestly hard to believe the young prodigy has surpassed the poetic maturation post her last masterpiece.

“I was such a baby making that work, lots of emotions and learning so much all the time. Feels like I’ve grown a lot since then, i’ve been to Antarctica, I have a dog now and a cat and I can bake bread and cook dinner and keep plants alive etc,”

You go Lorde Coco.

While years have gone by since Melodrama, the album is still as relevant and as astonishingly powerful as ever. It’s certainly one of those type of records you can listen to over and over again, god knows I’ve done that.

Melodrama is absolutely timeless holding the absolute accuracy of what it’s like to be a young person: letting go, growing up, being scared, feeling alone, and having so much fun. UGH.

I’m sure all fellow Lorde fans are excited by the news, and let’s hope her third album doesn’t take another four year timeline between albums.

Image Source: GIPHY, Lorde Music Instagram, Lorde Facebook

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