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Why Millennials Are Choosing Careers Over Relationships

Your twenties are a tumultuous time. You’re stuck in a fast-moving, balancing act of managing family life, moving out and planning holidays, with developing a career, maintaining a social life, and maybe sneaking in a romance or two. With so much on our plates, it’s no wonder the term ‘quarter-life crisis’ has become a recurrence in all of our vocabularies.

It’s easy to become blinded to everything else when a new relationship blossoms, and you’d be lying if you told me you hadn’t ditched your mates/your parents/your uni classes for a hot date. But, while love and lust sway our focus from time to time, why does the ultimate goal for the vast majority of our generation seems to be on career development and self-improvement?


Much to the dismay of my mum (and surely, many of yours), I didn’t settle down with my first long-term boyfriend. Instead, I saw my twenties for the opportunity that they are, to work out who the hell I am before I commit my life to someone else.

We are fresh out of the rigid schedules set in place by schools or universities, and for the first time have choice over our course in life. And that’s terrifying. It takes time, trial and error to work out our purpose and direction, and it’s tougher to do so with another voice in your ear or a full time love to take into consideration.


Entry-level jobs seem to follow the same characteristics across most industries – they’re low-paying, high-stress and involve long hours. And, they’re an essential first step to many professions.

While you’re young and a hangover doesn’t literally kill you, now is the perfect time to slog out those long demanding hours to build your experience or try out different industries to see what’s a good fit.


Okay, I can’t be the only one who after seeing a great Instagram shot from a friend overseas, thought “That’s it, I’m moving to London/New York/Budapest/insert other city here!”. And when you’re unattached, you can. And you should.

We all know the value of travelling for opening you up to the world around you, but moving to a new city on your own is as equally rewarding as it is challenging. International career experience is invaluable on your resume and there is no better way to become truly self-sufficient and adaptable, and certainly no better time in your life to learn.

Because You Can

Seriously, that is reason enough. We live in a world now where women are more than mothers, where we can jump around industries, move around the world, get married later or not at all.

The decision isn’t always one or the other, and literally no one can tell you your relationship won’t last forever, or that you’re working too hard, or that your decision is wrong. Not your mum, not some baby-boomer journalist, and certainly not me.

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