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Lush Swim Spots Near Canberra

For all it’s politics and up and coming bar scene, Canberra is certainly not as girt by sea as usual cities in this fine land. Sure we have a man made lake, but to really savour that end of day dip or relief from the scorching hot days of summer, we want a little more. So whether you’re in it for the long haul or after a cheeky swim, we’ve mapped the best watering holes within reach of the Canberra CBD.


Gibraltar Creek

If you’re going to go for a swim, you might as well make it in the blissful surrounds of the falls. Water cascades across the rocks making for a endless fountain of refreshing flow over, what a spot to dip. Only 50kms from the CBD and you’ll find yourself in paradise.

Casuarina Sands

40 minutes from Canberra and you’ll be lapping up this freshwater oasis. Sit by the green shore or submerge yourself for hours, whatever you please. But do have a go on the tire swing, it’s a day of fun after all.

Kambah Pool

You may have heard the chatter that this secluded location is a nudist hotspot, but there’s two other spots for more modest swimmers. Don’t worry you won’t stumble onto a bunch of bare bums by accident it’s all well signed. The swimmer less part is well populated but the other two stops are a little more scarce making for wonderfully tranquil swims.

Pine Island

As the name suggests pine trees dot along the banks, but the water is the real hotspot. With superb facilities surrounding you can swim, picnic and rest all day long with the BBQ, bathrooms and car nearby.


Hyam’s Beach

A little further away you’ll find yourself on the whitest sand the world over at Hyams Beach. 2 hours and 30 minutes may seem like an effort but make a day of it and you’ll come back sun kissed, salty and smug.

Bateman’s Bay

Less than 2 hours away and you can lap up the seaside and the underwater locals for the day before heading home all snorkelled out. Not only is the coastline carved by the hands of the seas, the best attractions are below the surface. Seals dance along the shoreline making for wonderful playmates, go on and swim for yourself.

Image source: Her Canberra, All These Good Things.

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