Maccas Launched Their McVeggie Burger So It’s Time For A Maccas Run ASAP

I’m in dire need of some veggie goodness (and chippies ofc).

Today is a big day people – Maccas has jumped on the veggie bandwagon. And we love them for it. But before all you vegos join the drive-thru queue behind fresh P platers on their first Maccas run, there is an important disclaimer for the new burg. The McVeggie is not strictly vegetarian because of the cooking procedures involved. How. Delicious. Does. It. Look.

But yay for a veggie patty! Obvs the vego diet has been a thing for awhile. Ya know it’s a big thing when fast food chains start paying attention to it. Sure Maccas has a long way to go before the vego range is actually vegetarian in the strictest sense. But it’s a v good start, particularly for vego peeps who only had the option of fries in the age old post-night-out-fast-food-feed.

The McVeggie is here to stay – it will become part of the permanent Maccas menu and is now available in every store across Australia.

Image source: Supplied. 

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