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Mad Mex Has A Vegan Chicken Burrito And It’s Actually Good

Vegans Unite

I went vegetarian in January and since I’d been half-assing it for ages, it wasn’t a hard transition.  What has hard though is actually finding places with decent vegetarian options. The places that do have good vego food are usually also expensive, or not nearby me. Considering I’m just a poor student who also doesn’t have a car, this can really suck.

Here’s some good news for us vego povos though – Mad Mex now has vegan options. Like, fake-meat, and vegan cheese authenticity. Am I excited? YES. Affordable, fast-foody vibes that are actually healthy and in the clear morally? I’m lovin’ it.

Mad Mex Vegan Chicken

This week I got my hands on their new “Slightly Spicy 100% Not Chicken filling”, in the form of a vegan burrito. I am literally eating as I type. It warms my little vego heart to say that it is actually good? Like, too good. I picked out the chicken and started stressing that maybe they sent us the wrong burrito, because this chicken looks real.


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Vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian amigos… it’s time to get a little bit spicy. ? We’re turning up the heat this winter with our new Poco Diablo Spicy Vegan filling.⠀ ⠀ Our Poco Diablo Spicy Vegan filling is a delicious plant-based protein. It’s made from water, soy protein, sunflower oil, salt and spices. It has the same great taste and texture as our regular chicken, except it’s vegan, dairy and gluten free!⠀ ⠀ Poco Diablo is perfect for adding a little spice to your meal… for the little devil in us all. You can add Poco Diablo Spicy Vegan to any Mad Mex meal for only $1 and it’s available until 26/8/19.⠀ ⠀ #MadMex #MadMexAU #Vegan #SpicyVegan #PocoDiablo

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I think of myself as somewhat of a mock-meat expert, having tried heaps of different types of fake meats with my vego friends, and also frequenting the local asian grocer for all kinds of vegan meat (vegan duck and chicken nuggies so far take the top spots). So, with all that knowledge, I can confidently say that the Mad Mex vegan chicken is def top 5.

Not gonna lie, I’m actually not a huge fan of chicken in general, but I can tell you that this mock chicken is very accurate. It has the texture of real chicken, down to those weird occasionally chewy parts, and it even has that chicken-ey after taste.

The burrito is kinda spicy, like not enough for me to need to buy some water, but enough that I feel the heat. Spicy chicken paired with some quality guacamole and healthy brown rice? Hell yeah.

All in all, I give this burrito an 8/10 and would def recommend it to my fellow vegan/vego friends. It’s great for those of you that are looking for a quick eat which doesn’t require you to spend $20 and wait half an hour. It’s the answer to our fast food dreams.

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