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MAFS In Paradise? Are Channel Nine Really Doing Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island?

We all know popular reality shows love a good spinoff. From the Bachelors to Bachelorettes to Bachelor in Paradises, taking the people we love to hate and chucking them all on an island makes for good ratings. And with this years MAFS being a ratings smash, the next in line looks to be the absolute shitstorm that will be Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island.

Now don’t get me wrong. This season is like crack, and I have definitely been forcing my boyfriend to suffer through it (he secretly loves it). But putting a bunch of publicity hungry, randy sex pests on an island? And if you ask me, there’s a certain extra tinge of desperation that comes from a MAFS star. I mean, they’re getting MARRIED. At least Bachelor contestants are just there to pash a hottie and get more Insta followers. Falling in love is a bonus.

Allegedly, talks have already begun. And in true Aussie reality TV style, it will be based off the US series, which premiered last year. Already in talks to take part in what no doubt will be the fuck fight of the year are Ryan Gallagher and Tracy Jewel from season five. But let’s not leave out the enigmatic Dino and v v problematic Ines from this years run.

You know what that means. Expect a whole lot more of this.


Onya Ines. Get Elizabeth and Sam back and that’s gonna be an all out brawl. Look, I’m not saying I wouldn’t watch it, but what I am saying is I’d hate myself just a little bit if I did.

No doubt we’ll hear more about this as it develops. In the meantime, Bachelor In Paradise is well on it’s way to fill all your drama sex island needs.

Image Source: Channel Nine

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