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How To Make Friends At A Music Festival

Music festivals are a wondrous thing, filled with an eclectic mix of people. So why wouldn’t you want to branch out and make a bunch of new buddies? Whether you’ve committed to going with your own friends, or riding solo for the sake of music, here are some ways you can make friends at a festival (without being creepy of course.)

Hitch A Ride

Now I know we said without being creepy and the first thing suggested is hitching a ride but stay with us.

If there’s one way to make fast friends, it’s being smooshed into a car with a bunch of peeps you’ve never known previously (or even slightly known.) It’s actually quite common to catch a ride with people who are going to the same festival as you. What makes this venture even better, is that you already have your taste of music and love of festivals in common. All you have to do is take a gander on one of the many festival pages and ask if anyone has a spare seat.

Share With Your Neighbours

If you’re not a big sharer (guilty), it might be time to embrace the sharing is caring nature if you want to make a few new buds. Festival culture tends to be a lot more open and giving with all the good vibes that are flowing around the fields. So, ask your neighbours (whether it’s the tent next to you at a camping fest, or even the people dancing next to you at the main stage) if they’d like to share a bev or have a few of your chips.

If you have excess on the food front (which always tends to happen), ask if they’d like any snacks. Your new mates will probably look at your like some sort of saviour providing all the sustenance – and generally a top human being.


Compliment Them

Nice words can take you a step further when schmoozing your way into a new friendship group. With everyone looking like a wonderfully dressed rainbow, the ability to give compliments to strangers shouldn’t be too difficult. If you like their dress, top, Rick & Morty shirt or anything else they might have on, tell them. They’ll probably be over the moon and tell you where they got the item from (bonus for you, too.) The same notion can be applied to hair, makeup, tattoos and anything else that tickles your fancy.

It’s a great convo starter that doesn’t really require much effort on your end. If their response to your compliment is “thanks, bye” then bye Felicia to you too. The ones who respond kindly are the ones you wanna’ hang with.

Start A Dance Party

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A random boogie, no matter where you are around the festival, is always a valid idea. And what’s better, is that you won’t look insane. You could throw out your weirdest moves and it’s pretty much a guarantee that people would join you in an instant. Pull a fast one and start pop-locking in the middle of the mosh, or breakdance (try too) in the mix up tent. Word of advice though, dabbing might be negatively received depending on the crowd, you’ve been warned.

Pretend You Lost Your Friends

Okay granted, this one sounds a bit out there, but it works like a charm. People at festivals love a lost soul of sorts and are more than willing to take you under their wing. If you vibe a group on their way to a particular artist, ask if you can tag along until you ‘find your friends’. Not only is losing your friends a legit concept that many face, but you also don’t look like as much of a loner. The beauty is that because everyone is so generally happy to just be there, you’ll score a new group in seconds.

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Image source: Splendour in the Grass Facebook, Patrick Stevenson (WeAreHobo)

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