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Make Iceland Your Next Destination

Making the distinction between Greenland and Iceland used to be a thing of difficulty, now the average traveller dreams of visiting the not so icy Iceland. Yes there’s snow, ice the whole wintery fanfare but it’s so much more than it’s name.

Iceland is an adventurer’s paradise, glide across hillsides, kayak your way across glacier filled waterways, trek across stunning landscapes. Oh and then there’s the iridescent northern lights, the vibrant volcanoes and a warm splash in the geothermal pools. Iceland should be a must on every traveller’s bucket list.

Game of Thrones, Interstellar, Lara Croft and Batman Begins all used the country as their set so it’s pretty damn scenic. 

Stare at the Northern Lights

The glowing lights hitting the sky is a phenomenon every traveller should experience. Breaking through the coldest chill with a light show of epic proportion. You can catch the lights all around the arctic but Iceland’s vantage point is particularly good. Not too far from the main city and ace accomodation options nearby. Hello, igloos.

Snowmobile over a glacier

Transport of choice? Snow mobile of course. When winter hits this landscape turns into a snow dusted playground. Join a tour and explore the heart of this fine frosty country. You’ll be with your very own gang of mobiles, son’s of anarchy eat your heart out.

Relax in the natural spa

Warmed from within the natural spas of Iceland are the ultimate escape from the chill. Azure blue waters and snow capped mountains surrounding, you’ll never want to leave. Head at sunset for the real show. Do a face mask, grab a bev and enjoy the health benefits. Almost too good to be true.

Kayak across the country

If your more of a waterspouts person then jump aboard. The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your paddling, it does however require a wetsuit. Weave into glaciers and under mountain sides for a view no other tour can provide. And if you’re feeling athletic you can even traverse over to Greenland.

Hike into picture perfect landscapes

Iceland is almost another planet. Untouched landscapes and scenery so perfect the films the take here don’t need CGI. Hiking no matter the weather is the perfect way to see every little spot, waterway and GoPro the whole thing along the way. Nothing like a good POV angle.

See a glacier from a new angle

Iceland is certainly not for the faint hearted. So if you’re ready to take it all on, ice pick your way into a glacier and experience ice sculptures from within. It will turn your perspective on it’s head and leave your desperate to take up caving long term.

Meet the locals

Puffins, sled dogs and whales that is. Sure they people are great but what about these cuties. Puffins look like artificially crafted cartoon characters wandering about real life. Pull out your binoculars and go bird watching, David Attenborough commentary optional. Depending on the season catch up with the dogs of the land, sled dogs or whales frolicking by the city harbour.

Head inside a volcano

This is one of those activities that you didn’t even know existed never lone desired to do. But rest assured it’s a dormant volcano. Molten formations and lava up close, deep diving into a volcano is worth the risk.

Taste the food

Where it’s cold, food offers a warm comforting hug. Iceland’s hotdogs are famous for welcoming foreigners to it’s icy shores with open arms. Doused in fried onions, onions, ketchup, Icelandic mustard, and the dog alone is delish on it’s own. Don’t try it with anything less than the lot.

See the waterfalls

Gulfoss waterfall is a glacial cascade and one of the countries most prized possessions. Ask the locals about the legend that flows with this water beauty. Also don’t be alarmed by the brownish tinge, that’s totally normal and in sunlight it allows the waterfall to glisten. Very photogenic.

Don’t forget the city

Reykjavik is the capital city and boy is it beaut. Little toy houses from afar but as you wander around it feels like a real life Christmas village. Coloured roofs and lights galore, the natural beauty of Iceland is great too but the city is charming.

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