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How To Make Your Next Music Festival Attendance Eco Friendly AF

Get lit minus the waste.

Raise your hand if you’ve personally victimised festival grounds, leaving them an absolute bombsite. Well I’m looking at you then.

Whether it be a small bush doof or a full blown Splendour style shebang, music festivals unfortunately are a production zone for a huge amount of waste. Plastic drinking cups, straws, destroyed tents, food scraps, bodily waste, deodorant cans, glitter and geez the list goes on. As fun as camping out for days in the hope of getting front and centre for our favourite musos, the impact on the festival ground and surrounding areas, yeah not so fun. Let’s take a stat from the States. It was founded last year that each day at Coachella, 107 tonnes of waste is produced and only 20% of that is recycled. Now we can only assume that our festivals are not too far off. Governmental waste disposal schemes are in place to keep festival waste under control, but we can all do our bit to make things even better. Take notes people.

#1 Bring Bio Degradable Products

Glitter and music festival seem to go hand in hand these days. So before heading to the dollar store and grabbing every jar of glitter possible, stop yourself. Get some mates to chip in and order some bio degradable glitter from Three Mamas to apply instead. You’ll still look spectacular and our Aussie waterways will thank you. Stretch this further than glitter and bring along some compostable wet wipes, pollutant free deodorant and even toothpaste. Not only will you be feeling so fresh and so clean, but you can even skip some of those ridic shower lines (maybe not every day) and know that even if one wipe goes astray, it will at least break down over time.

#2 Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles, Cups And Straws

Keeping hydrated is vital at a grueling festival. Rather than buying plastic bottle after bottle, bring your own. Not only will you save a heap on bottled water, you’ll also be cutting down your plastic usage. There are plenty of free water fill stations around your fave festival so you may as well utilise them. Mizu Bottles are portable, light and even better, they have snazzy clips so you can accustom them right into your outfit, brilliant. Take it a step further and bring yourself a cup on a lanyard. Don’t forget a stainless steel straw for your fave mixed bevvies too.

#3 Pack Your Own Snacks, Bring Your Own Cutlery

The more food you buy at a festival, the more waste you’re contributing. By packing snacks in reusable containers for example, can be a big way to make your eco mark. Think dried fruit and nuts, cakes or energy bars, rice crackers, tuna and long lasting veggies. If waste does inevitably come with these snacks, keep a communal garbage disposal at your campsite or even a spare compartment in your backpack for waste during the day. We all know festival bins fill quickly. If you do opt on buying food at different vendors, bring your own metal cutlery. Plastic knives and forks are some of the biggest culprits contributing to festival waste.

#4 Don’t Leave Your Tent Behind

This surely should be a no brainer. Tent dumping is probably one of the most common waste products at a festival. Maybe your tent was destroyed during the course of the events, or you might even be too lazy to pack it away. Well, I’m telling you now, make the effort. Simply put your tent back in its bag and take it with you. At least find a proper disposal method for the tent and do the festival cleaners and campsite creatures a favour.

#5 Bring Biodegradable Toilet Paper

The importance of bringing toilet paper to a festival is high. The likelihood of getting to a portaloo only to realise that there’s no paper in sight is high, very high. Who gives a crap? is one a great toilet paper to bring along to a festival. It’s not only eco-friendly and bio degradable, the papers proceeds go to help build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries.

Image Source: Splendour In The Grass

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