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How To Make Pals At Uni

University has been back for a month or two, and with it comes the stress and pressure to not implode. So much fun, right? Assessments and stress aside, you may have gotten further into the semester and realised that you don’t have a bunch of Uni pals to spend your time with. For whatever reason you’re without friends, here are some ways to acquire some, so you’re not sitting in a cold lecture hall alone.

Seek Out Your People

There are things you can do to find a group of pals with the same interests and possibly, with the same personality quirks as you. Every University has a club program choc-a-block full of random clubs you would never have thought existed. If you’re super into Harry Potter, a Quidditch club exists (legit, they run around on brooms, it’s hilarious.) Love entrepreneurship? There’s a club for that too. This is definitely a sure-fire way to make friends.

Actually Go To Classes

I feel like such a hypocrite while writing this, honestly. But doing all my classes online meant that I didn’t make any friends.. so I know what I’m talking about. By trekking to class, it means that you have that face to face contact that makes it easier to get a friend. If you don’t want to sit in a lecture theatre for two hours, when you could be watching it in bed, then that’s totally fair. Don’t blame you. If you can’t commit to this, at least go to the tutorials. They’ll probably get you to do one of those uncomfortable ice-breakers, but it may land you a bud.

Use Your Already Existing Pals

Don’t knock the friend of a friend tactic, it actually works. See someone in your class that was tagged in one of your friend’s social media photos? Don’t miss a perfect opportunity to introduce yourself (just don’t run up to them screaming ‘I know you!’) If your friend happens to know someone at your Uni, get them to invite them along to something social.

Go To Uni Parties

Parties are a great way to meet friends, especially if you remember who they are the next morning. If your University campus has residential housing and colleges, they’re bound to have courtyard parties and other social events like it. Put your brave face on and go mingle about the crippling stress your education is leaving you with.

Compliment Someone 

Sure, this may sound a bit weird, but people froth over a compliment. Especially for something superficial like clothing choice or appearance. If you see someone in class with a jacket you really like, tell them. Again, it doesn’t have to come across as creepy, just make sure it’s genuine. They’ll be likely to continue a conversation and remember you afterwards.

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