Making a Murderer: Part 2
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Making A Murderer Season 2 Just Dropped Some Juicy New Evidence

Realistically, I could rant on all day about Making A Murderer, trying to link up the various pieces of evidence and clues (maybe I’m in the wrong profession). I binged the whole of the new season in a day and boy oh boy have they given us some juicy new talking points. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you question everything you heard the first time around. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride watching this one, folks.

Quick recap: Steven has since hired attorney Kathleen Zellner, who is notorious for working on wrongful conviction case and succeeding in countless cases. What she finds over the course of the show will shed a whole new light on the case. Although, of course, nothing is as straightforward as it seems. 

The Nephew: Bobby Dassey

We learn a couple of things about Bobby Dassey (Brendan Dassey’s brother/Steven’s nephew) in this season. And he definitely wasn’t all he seemed back in part 1..

1. Bobby told his brother Bryan at the time of Steven’s trial that he did (contrary to his previous statement) in fact see Theresa leave the property on the day she went missing. So why would he lie in court about seeing Theresa entering Steven’s trailer and never coming out? Fishy, alright.

2. After extensive searches of Bobby’s trailer and his belongings, images and internet searches were found of violent pornography, decapitated bodies, and young females being raped. Could this be relevant to the case? Should Bobby himself become a new suspect? We’ll soon find out.

The Blood

Steven has always profusely claimed that someone stole his blood in order to plant it in Theresa’s car. I mean, a pretty hard job if you ask me. But Zellner looks deeply into where the blood really came from and Avery claims he bled into his bathroom sink and in the morning it had been mysteriously cleaned up.

Extensive blood spatter analysis was also newly carried out with some contradicting results. Analysis was not focussed upon in the initial case, so some new theories might well be curated from the research.

The Ex: Ryan Hillegas

We’ve all watched way too many crime doco’s to know that the ex-boyfriend is always a suspect. And Steven’s lawyers didn’t even make an educated guess at who could have killed Theresa if it wasn’t Steven in the initial trial. A rooky error, it seems. Zellner digs deeper and uncovers some vital information about Theresa’s ex that doesn’t exactly support the prosecutions case.

Hillegas had Theresa’s day planner, which had to have been in her car at the time she went missing (watch the season for details). So how on earth did Hillegas have the day planner to give to the police in the first place? It doesn’t add up.

The Bullet

The bullet found in the garage was never actually analysed properly for bone particles. Allegedly this particular bullet made its’ way through Theresa’s skull when she was shot. However after new forensic testing, no bone particles are found on the bullet. On a property that is home to many a gun and hunter, Zellner indicates that this is merely a stray bullet and not one used to kill Halbach.

A New Witness

I saved the best ’til last. We have a brand new witness that has just spoken up. I won’t delve too much into this piece of startling evidence, but let’s just say, experts are almost certain Theresa did in fact leave the Avery property. This leaves the theory that she never actually left Steven’s trailer almost impossible.

You’ll be left even more confused than you were after the first season, I can tell you now. And it’s as frustrating as it is fascinating. Real edge of your seat stuff.

Have we got a re-trial on our hands? Only time will tell.

Watch Making A Murderer Part 2 on Netflix from 19th October.

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