Malaysian Student Literally Evicted From House Over Coronavirus Racism

Solid Aussie mateship.

Allow me to present yet another fucked up thing in the long line of fucked up things that have been happening to Asian people over corona virus related racism.

A student in Perth has returned from a trip overseas to find that her landlord evicted her because he was scared she had corona virus.

Helen as she is being identified, was overseas with her family in Malaysia and came home to find the locks changed and a note taped to her door. Part of it read “due to your failure to stay in contact with me with world health organisation global emergency over corona virus you are no longer welcome in this house.”

It also stated that the house was under camera surveillance.

So everybody, round of applause for the piece of shit who made a young woman homeless because he was racist. Just solid Aussie mateship for you.


Helen is living with her friend right now, but her belongings are still inside the locked house. She’s too scared to go back to get her stuff.

Although she contacted the police, they told her there was nothing they could do.

Needless to say, this is all super illegal. Even if a landlord does want to evict a tenant, there are certain procedures they need to follow. They can’t just force someone out, even if they’ve been the worst tenant in the world. Helen got evicted just for being Asian.

Helen absolutely considers this to be an act of racism.

“I didn’t even go to China!” She told ABC Breakfast this morning.  “I understand what they’re worried about but it doesn’t mean that all [people] from Asian countries get the virus.”

Currently there are only three more confirmed cases of the virus in Malaysia than there are in Australia, so it’s not like there’s any significant difference between the two countries.

Image Source: Twitter, GIPHY

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