March Is The Most Likely Time That Couples Break Up, So Here’s Some Dating Survival Tips

As if I needed more stress.

Statistically, March is apparently the peak time of the year that couples break up, or apply for a divorce. Y I K E S. Because as if we already didn’t have enough stress to deal with?

Technically, there seems to be two big periods in the year. Around now/March, and around Christmas/December. The latter sort of makes sense, right? New years resolutions are around, you do a lot of reviewing in your life, maybe you cbf to introduce your partner to your family if it ain’t going to last. The puzzle lines up. But why is now such a dump-city special?

Well, we’ve now stuck through Christmas and Valentine’s Day – but what if we didn’t feel as in-love or romantic as we expected? Especially when we start thinking about another winter snuggling up to the wrong person, or missing out on meeting someone new for summer.

But with the Coronavirus well and truly upon us now, this could impact us more than we know – especially with self-quarantine, a possible lockdown etc. Or, could it prevent breakups and actually strengthen your relationship, as well as bring you closer than ever?

Let’s focus on the latter, shall we. God knows we don’t need more negativity right now.

And here’s the thing right, being forced to stay at home or in a small space can leave you feeling like a damn animal, stressed and full of tension. And it doesn’t take a genius to realise that ain’t a good cocktail of feelings.

Mix that with the uncertainty, fear of the unknown, boredom, anxiety, apocalyptic scenarios, potential income losses – not to mention missing your support network of friend’s family and colleagues.

It’s fucking tough right now, which means it’s easy to feel tense, prone to arguments (if you weren’t already), and disruptive in your relationship.

Whilst it will be too much for some, for others this time of quarantine will be an opportunity to grow closer together and re-kindle some magic that was once lost in the fast pace we live in. See it as a unique opportunity to get close.

So we chatted to The Bachelor’s relationship expert Samantha Jayne, who has teamed up with Manu Fieldel and L’OR Espresso to create three of the world’s most romantic recipes featuring aphrodisiacs, designed to connect couples and help them get through this tough time without any break up in sight. Check out the recipes on L’OR Espresso’s Facebook page, our fave is the Orange and Hazelnut Espresso Martini!

Let’s jump into some survival tips.

Watch Your Mindset

Think less glass half empty, and more glass half full. There are others out there that were stuck in cruise ships, with windowless cabins and they made it! Make the most of your situation, regularly remember all the good things in your life. And know that this too shall pass.

Practise Gratitude

Focus on your partner’s positive qualities. Think of all the things you are grateful for. All the things that your partner does that lift you up, improves your existence. Start with the small things, even if it’s as small as them making you a coffee/tea or a meal. 

Be Mindful Of Each Other’s Space

Give your partner some space moving into a different room, making things quiet and letting them take over for a while. If you have an introverted partner, they will love you for it! Space and distance is essential for attraction – no matter what type of relationship you’re in.

Practice Mindfulness

Use this as an opportunity to rest and recuperate, meditate, slow down your breathing, listen to relaxation music even read a positive book. Reflect on how you would like things to be and what you need to do to make it happen.

Be Vulnerable

Open up and share your fears, talk about your plans once you can get back to normal, listen and be empathetic to your partner’s needs. If your partner is fearful don’t be judgemental, step up and give them the reassurance they need.

Look After Yourself And Each Other

Eat well, sleep well, exercise if you can and watch uplifting movies and music that leave you feeling good. It sounds almost cliche, I know – but making sure you are in a good space physically and mentally is key.

Stay Connected With Your Support Network

FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, texting, calls, and even emails are a fab way to stay in touch with your loved one and get through this period. Sometimes reaching out to others helps you create a stronger connection with your partner as you don’t rely purely on them for support.

During this time, operate as a team lift each other when the other is down. Will you be the couple that made it through the pandemic or the ones that threw it in? You decide.

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