Mark Wahlberg Is Bringing His ‘Wahlburgers’ Chain To Australia, And My Body Is Ready

No skimping on the pickles, tyvm.

Mark Wahlberg announced that his fast food chain is coming Down Under and yes, I would like fries with that. Please and thank you.

The actor announced that he’s partnering with United Cinemas to bring his famous Wahlburgers biz to Australia and New Zealand. Wahlburgers will be rolling out both stand-alone restaurants and some in-cinema locations across the country.


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Apparently the plan has been years in the making and is a natural collaboration for the Hollywood star’s burger chain to collab with a cinema.

If they don’t do a ‘Watch A Wahlberg, Eat A Wahlburger’ discount, I will be extremely disappointed.

United Cinemas’ CEO, Sam Mustaca said there are plans to roll out around 20 restaurants around Australia and NZ.  Sydney will be the first to get a taste of the Wahlburger action.

“The first Wahlburgers will be in Sydney’s CBD and we plan to roll out 20 more as stand-alone restaurants as well as in some of our United Cinema locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and New Zealand,” Mustaca said.

“With really great food, beers and a fun atmosphere, we think it’s going to be a big hit.”

These new Australian and New Zealand chains add to the 50-strong locations across the US.


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Wahlburgers was founded by Mark and his brothers Donnie and Paul (the chef behind the delish creations).

Mark said his brother Paul has spent this last decade of Wahlburger-making, he has been committed to guests having exceptional experiences.

“We could not be more thrilled to take this brand to Australia and are so looking forward to growing this partnership with the Mustaca family,” he says.

The menu includes classic ground beef burgers, as well as salads and sandwiches, and “loaded tots and frothy shakes.”

So whether you’re a pickle lover or a pickle-picker, you want a burger or a salad, a sandwich or some fries, Wahlburger’s menu seems to cater for everyone.

Brb, putting on my stretchy pants and limbering up.

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