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MasterChef Fans Are Calling Out Jock Zonfrillo For Saying Asian Cuisine Isn’t ‘Fine Dining’, Eek

The Eurocentrism JUMPS out.

This season of MasterChef has been a delicious breath of fresh air in the diversity and representation department. From new judge (and queen) Melissa Leong to an immunity challenge with 100% Asian-background competitors. We love to see it.

But the show hasn’t been immune from the odd stuff-up, and judge Jock Zonfrillo is the latest to fall into hot water after making ‘racist’ comments about Asian Cuisine.

Last night’s elimination challenge, saw contestants Laura, Emelia, and Khanh recreating a “fine dining” dish that represented a particular country in 60 minutes.

The obvious and safe choice was France, which is what Laura and Emelia picked; but Khan stuck to his guns and his heritage with a Vietnamese dish.

But Zonfrillo questioned the choice because, in his experience, Asian food doesn’t usually lend itself to “fine dining”.

Fans were quick to call him out for his ‘patronising’ comments. Adam Liaw – MasterChef season two winner – led the pack as Twitter debated the Eurocentric bias in deciding what gets to be labelled ‘fine dining’.

If anything, the comments just highlight the need for more diversity in these kinds of reality shows – and the great work that they’re already doing by bringing non-Western cuisines [literally] to the table. Expand your pantries, folks.

Zonfrillo’s comments seemed to spell the end for the fan-favourite Khanh who – despite serving up a really bloody bougie Vietnamese meal – was eliminated. You could hear hearts all over the nation breaking.

I’m not sure we’ll ever recover. Long live King Khanh!

Image Sources: (MasterChef), Twitter.

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