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MasterChef’s Ben Ungermann Charged With Two Sexual Offences Of 16-Year Old Girl In Melbourne

Victorian police have confirmed.

In shocking news coming out of MasterChef, it turns out that elusive contestant Ben Ungermann was arrested during filming for two counts of sexual assault.

Various sources have reported the news, with statements from Victoria Police confirming. While information is still being released, Mamamia have confirmed a 16-year old girl was involved.

It’s a shocking revelation, and comes after the ice cream business-owner was removed from the show on Sunday night in mysterious circumstances. We of course knew early in the season that Ungermann would be departing the show early after being arrested, but now we (rather sadly) know why.

Ungermann has been charged with two sexual offences, which allegedly happened during filming of the current MasterChef season.

According to the court list, Victoria Police’s Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team is handling the case.

The news comes as a massive blow to MasterChef, with the current season dominating the charts – with rave reviews of both contestants returning and the new judges.

More to come.

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