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McDonalds Have Made Swimwear From It’s Unused Plastic Straws, So Sign Me Up For A Sip


In today’s burst of unexpected, yet I’m-totally-here-for news, McDonalds have announced a brand new swimwear range – made completely from their recycled plastic straws.

It’s hardly the first time we’ve seen a big corporate company go all inner-city branding on us, with brands like VB and KFC having both announced ~~trendy~~ apparel lines in the not so distant past.

And in the new campaign, Maccas have gone full Instagram-chique on us, with a little 30-second ad posted online promoting the range. It’s straight out of the Barney Cools, Zulu & Zephyr playbook.

The new range was announced by McDonalds Austria (in collab with Virtue, a Vice-owned agency), yes sadly not in Australia – and features that iconic ketchup-mustard red and yellow style you see on the straws.

You can just see the discussion around the McDonalds corporate boardroom now in Vienna; no doubt a bunch of 45s+ saying “guys this is so totally modern and minimal, I am so into this aesthetic right now – it’s so clean and fresh, it’ll make all the Gen Zs full-time McDonalds customers”. 

But credit where it’s due, Maccas. With Austria transitioning to paper straws across all stores, the easy decision here would be to just dump all the remaining plastic straws probably ironically in the ocean in an ethical composting space. But Ronald and co took the initiative here, and we have a sustainable range that many will agree is worth wearing.

The Marketing Director of McDonalds Austria, Benedikt Böcker was pretty excited about the range, too.

“We are delighted about our unique sustainable swimwear collection made from recycled material in our classic straw design” she said.

“Together we create unique projects and set new milestones in our sustainability communication.”

The only thing is, you might need to avoid all those chicken nuggs and McFlurries if you want to fit into one.

This exclusive set of swimwear will be raffled off, with details on the exact process still yet to be announced.

Image Source: McDonalds Austria

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