Happy World Meat Free Week: Here’s 5 Heavenly Veggie Dishes Ya Need To Get Around

Veggo doesn’t mean sad salads.

Happy World Meat Free Week! To celebrate this heavenly week we’re praising all the meat-free dishes we know and love extra hard. We’re aggressively defending against sad (and frankly unappreciative) veggie-cynics with mouthwatering dishes that will make anyones’ knees weak.

Meat-free doesn’t mean dry and it doesn’t mean a lone iceberg lettuce leaf, either. Meat-free means colour, flavour and heavenly goodness – so here’s ya best veggie bets ranked from most delicious to..well…just as delicious?

#1 Mexican Lasagne

Mexican lasagne nigella lawson

What does two of the tastiest foods combine in a freak hybrid look like? Why it’s Mexican lasagne, of course. Layers of tortilla, beans and cheese ooze together for the meal of your dreams.

Serve with avocado (a lot of it) and a squeeze of lime for ultimate enjoyment.

Recipe – Nigella Lawson

#2 Shakshuka

Like indulging in dessert before dinner, eating eggs for supper can feel a little rebellious and wonderfully comforting. Shakshuka (essentially baked eggs) has taken every inner city café by storm. This Moroccan dish is awash with spicy flavours and an array of textures, whilst remaining achievable for even the most amateur of chefs (aka me)

Serve with Turkish toast or pita and dive into this eggy treat at any meal.

Recipe – Jill Dupleix

Rice Paper Rolls

Until very recently the prospect of making rice paper rolls at home terrified me, the glassy exterior hid not a single cooking sin. This variation includes slithers of egg and caramelised onion but any array of vegetables works wonders in a rice paper casing. Be sure to have Thai herbs and sweet chilli sauce on hand for an extra kick.

Recipe – Miss Chu

#3 Capsicum, Kale and Feta Frittata

Decide your fillings, throw it in an eggy mixture and voila! You have a delicious frittata waiting to be divvied up for weekly meals. This particular recipe includes a nourishing balance of capsicum, kale and the tang of feta for a vibrant vegetarian meal.

Recipe – Jill Dupleix

#4 Eggplant Parmigiana

Don’t judge a baked eggplant before you try it…

A hearty favourite with a vegetarian base sets you up for a comforting meal without any meat in sight. Eggplants doused in tomato sauce and covered with a good throw of cheese see this Italian classic come to life. Parmesan makes an appearance for extra crunch and leaves upon leaves of basil for delightful cutting flavour. Dead easy to cook after a long day or prepare en masse to feed hungry housemates. Seriously delicious.

Recipe – Jamie Oliver

#5 Vegetarian Haloumi Burgers

Did I mention this bad boy is also doused in kale aioli? Betcha didn’t know kale would taste so good, eh.

If you haven’t already hopped on board the haloumi train, consider this your invitation. This haloumi patty is a delicious combination of potato hash (drool) and haloumi cheese, all nicely fried and beautifully stacked among other mouthwatering favourites. The beauty with burgers is you can stack to your heart’s content, so they’re perfect for a feeding a crew of people that may want to tweak their fillings.

Recipe – Warren Mendes.

Image sources: Nourish Atelier, Miss Chu, Delicious, Jamie Oliver. 

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