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How To Meet Your Potential Lover Offline

In a world where online dating has taken priority, the idea of finding a person to date in the ‘real world’ seems near impossible. Our days are consumed with swiping, liking, chatting and searching for your new suitor in the crowds of the bar you planned to meet. But what about the good ‘ol days when you saw a girl or guy who took your fancy in the café and you slipped them a cheeky landline to call you on. Well, we’re bringing those days back with a list of ways to help you meet your potential lover, with no Tinder, Bumble or Happn is sight.

Be Open To Set Ups

We’ve all got mates who are dying to set us up with someone they know, or a mate of their partner. And we always politely decline, right? Well why not take them up on the offer for a change. If you’re looking to date, meeting up with someone who you share mutual friends with automatically means a topic of conversation. Besides, some of your best mates probably know your dating tastes better than you do.

Engage In Activities You Actually Enjoy

It might be a team sport, an exercise class or maybe even a cooking course. Whatever tickles your pickle; get involved in something your passionate about. Good chance you’’ walk into your new hobby and be greeted by a bunch of faces you’ve never seen before. And amongst these faces may be your potential new lover. The best bit … you probably share a lot of common interests.

A Good ‘Ol Fashioned Bar

Ok, so this one is a little more risky and you will have to filter through a couple of dodgy character. But generally, bars are the kind of places people goes to with the intention of meeting new people and even picking up. It doesn’t mean you need to go home with the first person that takes your fancy (you can if you want to). It can, however, be a good places to start the offline dating process.

Speed Dating

You might be a little reluctant to this one, but hear me out. Speed dating events are more apparent than you ever thought. And they aren’t just for old divorcees. Speed dating can be a great way to test you dating limits and it can also be a super fun and exhilarating way to meet someone new. Just Google speed dating millennials plus your city and you’re bound to find an event you can attend.

Image Sources: Brooklyn Kitchen, Time Out.

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