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Meeting The Parents: Doing It Right

The pressure is on. This moment will be remembered forever. It might even be brought up at your wedding. (Wishful thinking?) Seriously though, let’s calm it down. Meeting the parents of your new boyfriend or girlfriend is gonna be eaaasy. They love their child, and the chances are that they will love anyone who makes them happy. Just use these rules as a guide and you’ll be ‘right.

Dress To Impress

Not in the ‘I’m gonna get lucky tonight’ kind of way. Please, no. Dress in a way that screams class and tastefulness and make sure you get some advice from your partner before going, as they know their parents best. Go by the ‘less is more’ rule. I won’t lie, the first impression of you will probably be on your appearance (unfortunately) so play it cool. You got this.

Keep PDA To A Minimum

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For god’s sake this is not the time to stick your tongue down your partners’ throat, let alone bring out the cheesy pet names. Keep it PG rated, amigos. You can wait ’till later. Everyone’s comfort level is different and whilst their Mum may not mind the permanent PDA, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution and wait until you’re all comfortable with one another to suss out what’s okay.

Keep The Convo Going

Whilst it is key to elaborate on your answers and ask questions about your partner’s parents, it’s also not good practice to just blabber on about yourself the whole time. It’s also not great to rely on your partner to do all the talking. If you’re shy, just try your best to make polite conversation. Talking about common subjects or things you’re passionate about (aka their child) is a pretty good base.

Bring A Gift

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The Golden Rule of meeting the ‘rents, or actually meeting anyone important. If you’re popping over for Sunday lunch, a bottle of red is going to give them the best first impression. Especially if you do your research and get them a bottle they particularly like (ask your partner for deets.) If wine’s not their thing, flowers are a good idea for your future Mother-in-Law. Again, research. There’s nothing better that receiving your fave flowers (or in your case, avoiding the awkward handshake).

Your Phone Is A No Go Zone

Constantly checking your notifications and scrolling on Insta is just not going to hack it, I’m afraid. Our parents are of a different generation to us and I can tell you now that you will not be scoring any brownie points from staring at your screen whilst meeting them. Just put it on silent. Away. In your bag. Unless you’re showing them hilarious photos of your partner that they just need to see.

Trust me, their parents are people too and will probably be just as nervous/excited as you are so just take it in your stride. We’re all just trying to make good impressions here.

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