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Melissa Said She Needs To Get “Slammed” On MAFS, And Boy We Learned A Thing Or Two

Last night’s ep was eventful to say the least. The potential aftermath of a stray pink toothbrush was averted, even though we were all rooting to see the blow-up unfold. Leopard print cowgirl hats have now become a staple item to your generic cocktail dress (Martha, you ok girl?) and Lizzy reappeared after allegedly chucking a sickie.

It was really just another horribly dramatic and cringe-worthy day in the life of our love experiment subjects.

Aside from more confirmations that Ines is taking Bronson for a ridiculously drawn out ride, Australia also walked away from last night’s antics with a new take on table talk and a clear indication into what goes on during a boys’ night.


So there’s a flashback to Melissa admitting she’s been celibate for the past 8 years and she wouldn’t mind being ‘slammed’ by her husband, Dino – fair and understandable for a married lady to feel, although I think some viewers might not have been digging the wording all too much.

It’s when it gets brought up at the boys’ round table that things start leading towards the crude side. Self-proclaimed marriage therapist, Mike probes deeper into Dino’s reasoning for taking things slow. Dino says his approach to things certainly isn’t on the same page to Melissa’s. He’s giving foot massages guys, give him a damn break.

Country boy Mark chucks in his two cents worth and reminds everyone of Melissa’s request, making out that Dino should really get down to business and quote Nic, “Give the girl what she wants.” It’s all pretty cringe-worthy but probably a pretty clear indication of male table talk IRL. They then, no word of a lie, start chanting “Slam her”.

Kind of a slap of reality to any female watching the show too, including myself.

Maybe Melissa is just stating what we all were thinking, or maybe it’s just another day in the life of Nine scripting the subjects with classic and newsworthy one-liners to get us all talking. Well touché, it got me talking didn’t it. Either way, it’s another beautiful insight into the creme de la creme of Australian reality TV. It’s filthy but we’re all guilty of secretly digging it.

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