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Menial Things We Get Excited About As Adults

No one quite understands the satisfaction of sliding into a pair of trackies with a glass of wine like an adult. Adulting is HARD, we’ve got so many responsibilities, and no one really has it figured out. But there are just some things that make it all worth it in the end.


As a broke uni student, samples are life. They’re super exciting because you get to try out new products, for free! Even better if it’s alcohol (there are some pretty nifty perks to working in hospitality)


As adults, life can get pretty hectic. So if you’ve got a spare 20 minutes, those are precious nap minutes. Nap time suddenly isn’t a burden anymore. (Pssst, if you need an excuse to nap more, I’ve got your back)


Sinking drinks with your friends is so damn good. Think a few cheeky drinks and a game of pool with the sun setting, the high point in adult life. Even better if it’s planned for 5PM so you can be home by 9 and asleep by 10. Sleep is just so underrated.


On that note, there’s nothing better than coming home from a long day and hoping into bed. As a kid we dreaded bed time, but now? No problem. I’d go to bed at 8 if I could.

Full Petrol Tank

Although it’ll leave your back pocket pretty slim, there’s nothing more satisfying than a full petrol tank. There’s just something about seeing that little needle pointing to the F. Even if it’s a shit-box, you’ve got a full tank and you can literally go ANYWHERE

Cancelled Plans

You have to pick the right time, day, star alignment and mood if you want me to attend. But if you cancel plans and you didn’t pick the lotto with those pre-requisites, I’m going to be pretty stoked to put a face mask on and stay in.

Nights In

On the notion of cancelled plans, nothing beats a chilled night in. Featuring binge watching some trash TV, pizza, trackies and face masks. Not as glamorous as you might’ve imagined adult-life to be, but hey these kind of nights do wonders.


This one you definitely didn’t imagine yourself getting excited over when you were younger. There’s just something so satisfying about cleaning – the house, yourself, the car? Done. Plus the added satisfaction of knowing you’ve achieved something with your day.

New Appliances

NEW! SHINY! THINGS! There’s just something so thrilling about getting a new toaster. Will it burn my bread? Will it leave it as pasty as me? Let’s find OUT


As a kid, you probably got sick of Mum’s spaghetti bolognese for the fourth night in a row. But now? Leftovers means less cooking and less cleaning up. Sold.

Healthy Foods

After binging on leftover pizza for the last four days, salad cravings will start to kick in to get those essential vitamins in. (No, I’m not talking about carbs or protein in the form of a triangle slice). The crunch of lettuce is suddenly so damn satisfying.

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