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Menulog Is Delivering All Of The Chocolate To Feed Our Gluttony

So, if you were out of the loop, tomorrow (Saturday 7th July) is World Chocolate Day and yes, Menulog is bringing the goods, bless their little hearts. Cue the Pavlov’s Dog reaction with maximum salivation, especially if you’re one of the lucky individuals without an intolerance to dairy. Regardless of your intestinal woes (I feel you, pals) you can get all your cravings catered for, no matter how weird or wonderful the desserts are. So, here’s a small fraction (there are 2000 options, guys) of what’s being flung our way.

Weird and Wacky Desserts


Chocolate Nachos, Cioccolato Dessert Restaurant

Everyone loves nachos.. now we get to eat a chocolate version? This bad boy has the crunch you crave, and comes topped with whipped cream. Simply inspired, give us 20.


Afous Chocolate Pate, Afous Moroccan and Spanish Tapas

Sounds bougie because it is, you’re welcome.

Momo Chocolate, Little Momo

Okay so we love dumplings right (if you don’t, that’s just weird)? Little Momo does dumplings filled with chocolate (wtf.) And what makes it even better is that it’s served with vanilla ice-cream (heck.)

Baby Jiggle Chocolate Cheesecake, Jiggle Cheesecake

Try saying this dessert after a night out. And yes, these things actually jiggle.

Chocolate Burfi, Hermani

This dessert is a traditional Indian sweet, made up of milk, sugar and chocolate (10/10.)

Chocolate Samosa, Cinnamon Club

This is exactly what it sounds like, and let me just tell you that I’m a better person for knowing this exists. Dark chocolate and whipped cream? Yes please.

Chocklava, Jasmin 1 Lebanese

Far out, just keep them coming.


Chocolate Grasshopper, Fine Affair

Think of the fancy looking drink that you see people order on movies. This drink is just a stellar, gourmet, mint chocolate, milkshake version.

Chocolate Harumaki, Ichi Ichi Ku Izakava

This one is an Asian appetiser that’s been smartly adapted into a dessert.

Chocolate Fudge Sanga, Deserts Delivered

Everything about this sounds like a great time with not a lot of regrets to be had. This dessert has Belgian chocolate ice-cream smooshed between two almond cookies.

Top Choc Flavour Combos

Chocolate and Salt

Belgian Dark Salted Chocolate Brownie Slab (NSW)

Chocolate and Berries

Chocolate and Cherry Naan, Grill and Chill (WA)

Chocolate and Chilli

Chilli Chocolate Mousse, The Son Thai Eatery (VIC)

Chocolate and Banana

Nutella Choc Banana Pizza, Marty’s Pizza Hideout (VIC)

Desserts That’ll Send You Into A Choc Coma

Combo – Epic Chocolate Indulge, Cold Rock Deception Bay (QLD)

A sundae jam packed with choc ice cream, brownie, Kit Kat, Tim Tam and Maltesers. Not to mention to the sneaky chocolate fudge sauce and Flake topper.

Chocolate Meltdown, Park 7 Diner (QLD)

Chocolate cake with a fudge-filled centre, served with ice cream and hot fudge sauce (froth.)

Choc-A-Hoglic’s Triple Chocolate, Lone Star Rib House (NSW)

A rich chocky mud cake finished off with creamy chocolate ganache (fancy) and dark chocolate flakes.

Death by Chocolate, Cold Rock Rutherford (NSW)

Sounds like a nice way to go. You’ll be getting double chocolate ice cream mixed with brownie, mini M&Ms and Boost bar.

Quadruple Chocolate Tim Tam Cheesecake, Late Night Burgers (NSW)

Yes, yes, yes. Want a delicious choc-biscuit cheesecake? Of course you do.

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