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Montenegro Is The New Hot Spot To Add To Your Bucket List

It’s a travel tale as old as time, the beloved Euro trip. Planned by every young Aussie across the nation, escaping the colder months to jet over to the Greek Islands and boat around the Croatian coast. But what if I told you, there is a new hot spot that will cost you half your budget; provide you with the ancient charm of Greece, the picturesque beaches of Croatia and the snowy mountain tops of Switzerland. Montenegro has it all and is often overlooked by many travellers. Escape the summer crowds and embrace the warm Mediterranean sun in a whole new way, here’s why you need to pack your bags and head to Montenegro.

#1 It’s Cheap As Chips

When it boils down to price, Montenegro takes the crown. Leave the lavish prices of Western Europe behind, cause your dollars are gonna get you a lot further here. Forget the shitty hostels and the cheap lunches from the local Aldi, we’re talking two euro beers and a maximum of 20 euros on a lavish three-course meal. Luxury accommodation (private villa style accommodation) starts from about 400 to 500 euros for ten nights. You’ll be ranting about your ‘exclusive’ holiday to all your mates when you arrive back home.

#2 The Stunning Beaches

The beaches of the Mediterraenen are what dreams are made of, crystal blue waters and cascading cliffs. Despite popular opinion, the Adriatic beaches of Montenegro take it to the next level. The coastline hosts heaps of deserted beaches that are awaiting exploration. All you need to do is pack up some entertainment, food and drinks, soak up the rays and watch the day go by without a single person in sight. How about that for some sweet serenity.

#3 Medieval Towns And Sites Galore

Montenergo is home to some of the most fascinating historical sites in Europe, dating back to as early as the 12th Century. Against all odds – such as the numerous wars the country has faced – there are hundreds of ancient cities, castles and monestaries. One of the most famous has to be Our Lady Of The Rocks, and old style Roman catholic church that overlooks the Bay of Kotor. Head to Ulcinj, a small coastal town, where you will find a quaint museum home to Roman and Ottoman artefacts and the Venetian Palace (now a spectacular hotel).

#4 Experience The Yachting Life

Forget Croatian Sail Week, try your hand at life on deck in Montenegro, I mean you have an extensive coastline to play with. Less crowded than the French Riviera and much more unique. Remember those beaches I mentioned earlier, well this is the best way to see them all. Grab your mates, jump on board and forget life on shore.

#5 Mouth Watering Cuisine

One of the most integral parts of travelling abroad has to be food of course. Well Montenegro has plenty of that to offer. With big Italian influences present, the locals eat a pretty standard southern European diet, with lot’s of fresh seafood on most menus. Be sure to gobble down everything from cevapi (kebabs) to sarma (cabbage leaves stuffed with mincemeat). You’re belly will be thanking you daily.

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