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Most Searched For Burbs For Renters Across Aus

With housing affordability ever more concerning, you can throw that dream of owning your own home in the bin. Sorry to be the bearer of news laden with parental disappointment. For a future of renting indefinitely it pays to know which locales are in demand. Perhaps you picked a spot close to work, transport, the vibe or your favourite bacon and egg roll purveyor. Whatever the reason, where there’s demand there’s extra cost. So we’ve collated data from and so you can stay in the know. Whether you’re flying solo or squeezing into a share, what areas are being sought out most?

Sydney CBD, NSW

Surprisingly the heart of the country’s most expensive city is in high demand with potential sharers. You can’t really get more connected than this but be wary of listings where flatmates are more sardines layered upon bunkbeds than sharing. Depends just what you’re willing to do for harbour views.

Fitzroy, VIC

Pulsing with culture and sprayed with artwork abound, with sharers and renters alike it’s a hit. A moment’s stroll away and you’ll have a platter of food, bev or party options. Not to mention the thriving artistic scene. Close to the city and brimming with things to do, what’s not to love?

Surry Hills, NSW

A flatmate’s paradise with the city side suburb’s abundance of terrace houses. It’s eclectic, polished and incredibly trendy, and if it’s walkability you’re after Surry is the spot. Corporate workers to creatives, they all flock here to nosh side by side on Bourke St Bakery pastries. And being Sydney you’ll need to be sharing to afford a single inch of square meterage.

Newtown, NSW

What’s not pictured in this shot of the main junction is the absolute madness that roams that flows through the streets of Newtown. Creatives, free spirits, hipsters and converge here, colouring the streets in an especially unique way. It’s a thriving hub of activity and oddities, but you’re likely to fall in love with the Inner West locale whilst sharing.

Bondi Junction, NSW

The gateway to the Eastern Suburbs, where lifestyle is valued above all. The beach and the city are both within arms reach. Young professionals and creatives alike value the location for the price immensely, Bondi without the eye-watering price tag. Smaller share situations are the norm here and an array of more modern living options.

Broadbeach, QLD

Down the road from the main drag, Broadbeach is an antidote to the loud and brash Surfers Paradise. Sure there’s still plenty of tourists roaming the streets but it’s a different crowd. There’s a real community vibe here and the beach in all it’s glory, is all but inches away. Sharing that view ain’t so bad at all.

Bondi Beach, NSW

The quintessential summer spot, living at Bondi Beach is a right of passage for many a foreign adventurer. If you’re planning on sharing a place here, which a whole lot of you are, expect to meet a wave of different nationalities. Think of the post work swims, marvellous.

Collingwood, VIC

Alive with eateries and bars a plenty, Collingwood is an inner city local with spunk. The hungry and savvy set of residents have cultivated a food scene worth buzzing about. And tasting. Finding a flatmate here is no simple feat, but if you manage it you’ll be well fed and moments from transport. Tick and tick.

Darlinghurst, NSW

Home to the once iconic Kings Cross, a certain set of laws ahem have changed the atmosphere on these once nighttime streets. There’s still plenty of eats and niche bars but the evening tourism all but gone. In it’s place appartments upon appartments, so the price is likely to stay high as more people flock to the area. It’s a sad state of affairs, but Darlinghurst is still a charming share destination.

St Kilda, VIC

Where the Melbourne all black mantra meets the seas, St Kilda is a favourite with renters. Maybe it’s diehard Melbournians looking for a sea change without having to actually leave. It’s the best of both worlds really.

North Sydney, NSW

Venturing across the bridge you’ll find a homey alternative. Looking out over the harbour and streets steep with history, sharing here is a dream. Bonus if you work in the alternative business hub, walking to work has never been so picturesque.

Mermaid Beach, QLD

Showing itself as a renters paradise, this Gold Coast suburb is high on the wish list for sharers. It’s further down the shore from the tourist bustle and still sun kissed all day long. Vitamin D levels through the roof.

Burleigh Heads, QLD

Prime location, well connected and  Bond Uni nearby make this locale an endless summer day for sharers and renters alike. Pick up your own little slice of paradise for a reasonable weekly contribution. With the average age of residents 20-39,  it feels like one big community.

Coogee, NSW

Down the coastline from Bondi, you’ll find a hub of bronzed locals soaking up the sun week in and week out. There’s just the right amount of nighttime action to, a handful of spots to go out but not enough to disrupt your sleep with screeching in the street. Bus services take you into the city in no time, sharing here is like one big holiday.

Abbotsford, VIC

A busy little suburb with a grungy tinge, making the greenery lined streets feel ever so edgy. The housing here is on the smaller size so expect less share spaces and more rentals. But this inner city spot is worth every penny for some space all of your own.

Redfern, NSW

This neighbourhood is all exposed brick and street art but what Redfern really offers is location. With major companies moving their headquarters out of the traditional CBD, expect not just creatives to set up shop here too. It’s quirky and rapidly evolving making it a hot spot for sharing arrangements.

Richmond, VIC

A homier alternative to city living, Richmond is a high on renters wishlist’s. Culture, urban charm and architecture in line with years gone by make for village living with the skyline still in sight.

Ultimo, NSW

With a traffic free passage way taking you to Central Station in moments, Ultimo is about as perfectly located as can be. Treelined streets, larger terraces and cafes on every corner make for easy living. Sharing is commonplace as the weekly rent can be exxy as you move closer to Pyrmont.

South Melbourne, VIC

Right on the city fringe without living in a business block, South Melbourne is right in the thick of it. You get what you pay for here, it’s on the higher end and the quality of living high to match. Beach, parks, city, drinks, you name it, it’s within arms reach. If you can sort out a sharing situation here, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Miami, QLD

15 minutes away from the busy tourist centre, this Gold Coast suburb is an affordable winner. You’ll be able to afford a spot close enough to the ocean to hear the waves roll in and taste salt in the air. The highway runs through the main drag making for an easy drive to wherever you need to go. Sharing accomodation worth fighting for.

Manly, NSW

A favourite with hordes of tourists in summer, the Northern Beaches laid-back lifestyle is what draws prospective flatmates to the areas. Close to the city and the stacked shoreline of sandy hubs, Manly is an idyllic option for sharers.

Camperdown, NSW

Thanks to the universities nearby Camperdown is a common congregation of students living on the cheap. It makes for plenty of affordable food and beverage options nearby, so even if you’ve got your degree framed already don’t complain. With this captivated crowd it’s slowly becoming the hub of inner west activity, a real up and comer.

Palm Beach, QLD

A hot pocket of affordable beachside rentals, it’s in incredible demand with renters. Maybe it’s the neighbouring Burleigh Heads overflow or savvy renters looking to make their mark on the shore, but expect even more growth here. With the new found residents has seen tasty options for every meal pop up. Which of course makes it even more liveable.

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