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The Most Walkable Cities Of The World You Need To Visit

For most of us, our main aim when we travel to a new city is to be able to see everything (often in a small period of time). Whether it is extended backpacking travel through South America or a rigid tour through Europe’s most spectacular cities, you can’t afford to waste your precious time lost on public transport. Take it from someone who has more than once gotten completely disorientated on the London Underground, walking by foot (with the assistance of an electronic map) is far easier in the enormous city then going by tube. So if you’re all about soaking in the sites, and don’t have the navigation skills to match, here are the most walkable cities of the world.

Rome, Italy

Despite the feature of a few metro lines, Rome is the sort of city you wanna see by foot. Sure you can opt for a taxi to cross from one major site to another, but areas like Trastevere are perfect for the avid street-walker. Besides, most streets in the area don’t even allow for a vehicle to pass. The distances may be a little longer than you initially expected, but you are more likely to come across hidden restaurants and bars by experiencing the Italian capital by foot.

Havana, Cuba

This walkable cities list wouldn’t be complete without Havana. Of course you wanna step back in time and take a ride in a vintage vehicle during your travels, but if you really want to explore the colour of the city, put your sneakers on. Head into the historic squares and soak up the magnificent architecture and finish off your days with strolls along the beach. The best bit is the central city is easy to navigate, so you’ll have your bearings in no time.

Melbourne, Australia

You shouldn’t even be surprised to this city on the list. With multitudes of artsy laneways filled with cute cafes and boutique stores of course you want to see Melbourne by foot. The CDB is easy to navigate thanks to its well planned street scape, and even if you’re feeling a little lazy you can always take advantage of the free tram zone. Venture out to nearby Fitzroy and Carlton and stroll your way past plenty of vintage stores.

Dublin, Ireland

The quaint capital of the Irish Republic has super limited public transport. And it’s exactly for this reason that it’s one of the most walkable cities in the world. Besides, in a city like Dublin you don’t want to be stuck on a bus, you want to be strolling down the cobble stone streets soaking up the grand architecture. Despite the often dreary whether, you can opt to stay dry along your walkabouts by heading into a one of the thousands of pubs or even Ha’Penny Flea Market. And even if you do take a wrong turn, there is sure to be friendly local waiting to help you with some directions.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The cosmopolitan of Tel Aviv couldn’t be more different to neighbouring Jerusalem. The city is modern and vibrant and filled with open-air restaurants and plenty of parties. So with all this in mind the best way to take it all in is by foot. The central city is so eloquently planned that you shouldn’t even fear the idea of getting lost. And with a spectacular coastline as one of the main features, there’s no way you’re gonna want to be stuck inside public transport and taxis.

New Orleans, USA

If you opt to stay in the French Quarter of New Orleans, there is no need to consider hiring a car or jumping on a bus. The central city is so compact that you’ll be able to walk the streets with ease. With a vibrant music scene, New Orleans in the melting pot of French, African and American cultures. Exploring the city by foot will not only save you plenty of money on taxis, but will also mean you’ll be able to fully experience the music of the streets and duck into as many hidden local restaurants as you desire.

Helsinki, Finland

With friendly locals and gorgeous cafes lining the streets, you won’t want to stop walking through the urban centre of Helsinki. Like most European cities, the Finnish capital doesn’t make much room for cars, meaning your best way to get around will be by foot. With parrellel streets and plenty of grassy squares and significant buildings, getting lost won’t be an issue either. Most walkable cities will have one main street designed to be explored by foot. Mannerheimintie is the central avenue home to the National Museum, Parliament House and Kiasma, the contenporary art museum, so be sure to have a stroll through.

Image Sources: We Are Travel Girls, YouTube, Gear Patrol, Pinterest.

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