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Moving In With Mum And Dad: The Pros And Cons Of Going Home

I love my parents. They’re incredibly generous, amazing people, and they do a lot for me. I’m very lucky. But I’ve just moved back in with them after living with my boyfriend for almost a year and oh boy.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good things about being back in the family home. But for every good, there’s a not-so-good. So, I’ve decided to compile a list of pros and cons when moving home, because chances are it will happen to everyone in our generation at least once. Here’s what you can expect.

Pro #1 – Home cooked meals

Holy shit. I can’t even begin to explain HOW GOOD it feels to not have to cook for myself every damn night. With 30+ more years of cooking experience, my parents’ food has the familiarity of a warm blanket. Plus the pure fact that I didn’t have to cook it makes it taste all that much better.

Con #1 – Being asked to do chores

There’s not a lot that makes me more frustrated than being asked to do something I’ve already decided to do. And something about it coming from my parents make that frustration double down. I’ve been hanging out the washing on my own for months, I don’t need to be asked to do it. But once I am asked, I definitely do NOT want to do it.

Pro #2 – They’re so happy you’re home, they’re extra nice to you

I’ve been home for almost 2 weeks now, and my mum’s warm fuzzy feelings have not worn off yet. I don’t think I’ve ever received so many cuddles in such a short period of time. Especially as the youngest and only girl, my parents are pretty chuffed I’m home.

Con #2 – Regression is real

Moving home, it’s like I’ve unlearned all my new mature adult behaviours and regressed to a teenager. My eyes are rolling like crazy and I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just a terrible person, but I’m acting in ways I haven’t since I was 16. Returning to my childhood room (with my original 14 year old interior design intact) has brought back some feelings.

Pro #3 – There’s always food in the house

I can’t even begin to explain how bare the fridge and cupboard was when I was living out. Sometimes I wonder how I survived. But at home, where Mum does a weekly “big shop”, there’s food in abundance. I haven’t been hungry once in the last 2 weeks. Opening the door to a full fridge is a pretty bloody good feeling.

Con #3 – There’s always food in the house

I. Can’t. Stop. Snacking.

Pro #4 – No more rent or bills

Now, I make a financial contribution to my family each week. But lemme tell ya: it is a fraction of what life was costing me before. I’m gonna be saving so much money it’s insane. And honestly such a blessing. Eventually when I move back out, I’ll be able to live p. baller for approximately two days. But those two days will be so sweet.

Con #4 – Where did all your independence go?

I used to be able to come and go as I please. Wanted to duck out for a few minutes? K bye. Felt like hitting the town on a Tuesday night? No worries. But after moving home, I’m expected to let my family know where, when, who, what, why. It’s good to know they care, but damn. Let me live.

Pro #5 – Familiarity is nice

Coming home to the same house you used to. Climbing into your old bed at night. Waking up to the familiar house sounds you used to know so well. Moving back home is like putting on your favourite jacket. You know all the nooks and crannies so well, and it feels warm and comfortable.

Con #5 – No more time to yourself

One of the best things about living out of home was the freedom and time to just be alone. Even if I was sitting with my boyfriend, we were quite happy to do that in silence doing our own thing. Now, my family are TV discussers and love to share thoughts. Also, it’s not really appropriate to just hang nude with ya mum in the next room, ya feel?

Pro #6 – You’re home. What more is there?

Home is called home for a reason. And for all the frustration and teen angst that may resurface, in general it’s pretty bloody good.

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