Why You Need to Get Into the Short Suit

As spring and summer approaches so do the endless summer invites. There’s your mates small wedding on the beach, you can’t miss the races and you’re even thinking of going to the polo.

It’s easy to put on your navy work suit to any of these occasions, but rather than recycle your work wear now is the perfect time to introduce the short suit.

A short suit looks like a regular suit from the waist up but the jacket is paired with matching shorts. It’s not an ideal choice for the office but the perfect outfit for those casual spring and summer events.

Shorts and a suit jacket might seem an odd match to some but remember there was a time when everyone wore baggy suits in the 90s!

Others argue the short suit is too similar to a preppy school boy look but this is easily avoided by not wearing matching school style socks.

Still not convinced? We asked the Brand Manager of MJ Bale, Drew Hoare of his take on the short suit, “The short suit is a casual not formal option.”

“It falls into the sportswear side of menswear in that it is meant for comfort, particularly during warmer months.”

“Given that it is a casual garment we only recommend the short suit to be worn in cotton.”

Overseas retailers such as J.Crew, TopMan, Reiss Asos and Barneys have jumped on the trend selling the short suit in their spring/summer collections.

“It’s definitely having a moment, particularly with younger guys,” said the Creative Director at J.Hilbum.

How To Wear It

If you’re game enough to give the suit short a go, here are some tips on how to wear it:

  • Wear it to a casual event during the spring and/or summer (races, casual weddings)
  • Any good form collared shirt can be worn with the short suit (oxford or cutaway collar is fine)
  • You can mix and match suit jackets and shorts (i.e. cream shorts with navy jacket)
  • Boat shoes or loafers are the way to go (NO VISIBLE SOCKS)
  • Don’t forget the pocket square!

As the spring collection for menswear slowly approaches keep an eye out for the suit short.
You may not be able to rock a short tux at the Oscars like Pharrell Williams but there is no reason you can’t rock it at the races!

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