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Netflix Announce Brand New Nail Biting Making-A-Murderer-Style Crime Docuseries

Having watched both series one and two of Making A Murderer, as well as The Staircase and The Keeper’s (the two are both directed by Clay Tweel), it’s time for something new and just as bingeable. Our inner Sherlock’s have never been more ready for this one: The Innocent Man.

The Innocent Man is set to be released December 14. It tells the story about two 1980’s Oklahoma murders, based on writer Josh Grisham’s non-fiction book. It will be a six part series similar to Making A Murderer in the way that it follows the family, residents and friends involved in the cases. So hold onto your seats, folks.

The story itself is based around the two said murders, along with four (four?!) false convictions. And we thought Making A Murderer was bad..

This one is set to be a serious nail biter, and if you’re a wannabe lawyer/detective/judge like me, you’ll be pretty stoked to watch it unfold in the run up to Christmas. And 6 episodes? Easily binged in one day. So there’s still enough time for all the other shows being released in December or even some of Netflix’s other crime doco’s.

Image Source: Netflix

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