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Netflix Binge Racing Is A Thing: And We’re Pretty Good At It

We all love Netflix, whether we are the dedicated payers of the account, or reap the benefits off our older sibling or housemate’s account. But with extensive Netflix watching, comes great responsibility, and apparently none of us seem to have any of that. Binge racing, is the latest type of behaviour that has emerged. All lovers of the entertainment streamer are racing through latest release seasons within 24 hours of the show going live (you’re all out of control). Apparently more than 8 million viewers worldwide are guilty (proud) of this, with Australia ranking number eight. So what shows are super fans binging the most?

#1 Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Netflix did us all a favour and brought back easily one of the most iconic shows of our childhood. It was absolutely no wonder that fans were racing through this series, cause it’s so bloody addictive. If you haven’t already given it a watch, step to it.

#2 Marvel’s The Defenders

Easily one of the biggest superhero franchises in the world (sorry DC), Marvel made a smart move releasing a Netflix series. So successful the series was that fans have been caught racing through the newest release in under 24 hours. I mean with characters like Jessica Jones and Daredevil on our screens, who can even look away?

#3 Santa Clarita Diet

Apparently us Aussie’s love us a little Drew Barrymore humour, and dark humour too. This mind twisting show follows the life of a mother turned zombie and all the challenges that come along with that. Binge watching never looked so weird.

#4 The Seven Deadly Sins

Japanese, fantasy manga series is that certifies an easy watch for many Aussie viewers. Anime always seems to be a hit, with plenty of relateability on offer for older viewers.

#5 The Ranch

Ashton Kutcher takes the screen and of course we can’t look away. Mix a little bit of modern day cowboy, plenty of shenanigans with American football and you got some binge worthy comedy perfect for easy evening watching.

Your binge shows didn’t make the list? I guess you got some new shows to start race watching.

Image Source: Netflix.

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