Netflix Crime Binges For Your Inner Sherlock Because, Well, Murder

There’s nothing better than a Netflix binge, you know this, I know this, we all do. And what better to binge than a good, hearty crime. We’ve done some of our own detective work to come up with the best crime and true-crime series to get your inner Sherlock Holmes working overtime.

You’ll be a top-notch crime detective in no time. Get your beige coats out.

The Sinner

After murdering a total random on the beach, detectives uncover character Cora Tannetti’s deeply troubled past to understand why she committed the crime. Starring mega-babe Jessica Biel, and a killer soundtrack bound to be stuck in your head, this easy-to-watch, eight-ep show will have you clawing for more when it’s done. And the best part? S2 is dropping tomorrow so no need for post-show depression when it’s over. 

I Am A Killer

I Am A Killer is a super addictive bingeworthy true-crime which follows ten murderers on Death Row. In every episode, a new murderer tells their story about how they ended up with the death sentence. With both sides of the story explained in detail, you end up deciding for yourself whether they’re guilty or not. It’s your time to shine, Sherlock.


Netflix’s first German original series is a super twisted, mindfuck about two children who go missing in a small town. While this sounds like a typical crime show, Dark takes crime to a new level, introducing all kinds of puzzles and twists. If you fancy a solid psychological thriller, a show that takes a lot of thinking, and don’t mind subtitles, this is 100% the one for you.

Evil Genius

A guy walks into a bank with a bomb locked around his neck, no punchline to follow. Evil Genius is a true-crime doco about one of the strangest and obscure bank robberies in US history. What starts as a robbery/hostage event turns into a scavenger hunt of clues and mysteries to narrow down who really plotted the crime.

The Staircase

In 2001, author Michael Peterson’s wife Kathleen was found dead at the bottom of their stairs. Did her fall really cause her death? Investigators and forensic teams decide whether or not Kathleen’s death was really an accident, or carried out by Michael himself. This series follows his arrest, through to the trial and is a thrilling and fascinating show worth your binge-watching hours.

Whether you’re a sucker for murder or robbery, these crime and true-crime Netflix series will have you hooked and begging for the next one. Binge watch responsibly, detectives.

Image Credit: USA Network

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