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Netflix Films Under 2 Hours For A Cheeky Weeknight In

Let’s be honest here; weeknights are never easy. You’re probably already dreaming of this weekend, and our collective bank accounts probably need a little break from the festivals and Sunday sessions. With that in mind, quiet nights in are what we need. Good for the mind, body and bank account.

And we have to be realistic; it’s a weeknight. Those three hour Brooklyn Nine Nine marathons will have to wait, and you need to be in bed at a semi-respectable time. Really, you have about three hours to play with (if that).

But there are still options my data-streaming friends. Get your dinner ordered or cook up some soul-food, and load up one of these shorter Netflix films for a night in, without being too tired for tomorrow morning’s deathly alarm call.


Run Time: 1hr 55mins
Perfect For: Foodies who can’t stand MKR or MasterChef.

We all love food. Don’t deny it. And while we all no doubt enjoy our dose of reality TV drama, MKR literally feels like a soap opera these days. So this is where you go for food vibes without the annoying-ness. Chef is directed by and stars the multi-talented Jon Favreau who plays an enigmatic chef who goes from restaurant leader to food truck driver. The story is pretty basic I won’t lie, but the #foodporn is orgasmic. It’s an easy watch that delivers some slow-mo and delightful cooking scenes that will get you all warm and fuzzy.

The Interview

Run Time: 1hr 52mins
Perfect For: Politically incorrect humour with the housemates.

This ones a classic, with the teaming of Seth Rogan and James Franco, you know you’re in for a night of laughs. Whether you’ve seen it before, or it’s your first time watching, The Interview is a clever play on life inside of North Korea. It might not score the highest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes but it does make for some easy weeknight watching. Get in the spirit and make yourself a margarita for the watching.

Dallas Buyers Club

Run Time: 1hr 56mins
Perfect For: A night on the couch with your best pal, tugging on the heartstrings.

Featuring everyones favourite Matthew McConaughey, this film follows the life of his character Ron Woodroof after he is diagnosed with AIDS. The heart wrenching film won the actor an academy award, so it’s a must watch that you can sneak in mid-week. Directed by Canadian Jean-Marc Vallee, who is also known for Big Little Lies and Wild.

You Laugh But It’s True

Run Time: 1 hr 24mins
Perfect For: If it’s just a sneaky solo night for yourself.

Home alone tonight? Throw this doco on. You Laugh But It’s True follows The Daily Show’s host, Trevor Noah, on a journey in his native South Africa. He’s come under a bit of slack recently for some surfaced comments, but this will show you a different side to Noah. It’s a fun documentary with subtle laughs here and there as it looks at the rise of the comedy scene across South Africa. Noah touches on his upbringing and you’ll be surprised by some of the touching moments in the film from a comedian who is killing it globally at the moment. It has a Dave Chappelle Bloc Party feel to it at times, and a brilliant soundtrack. Short, on point and insightful.

Oceans Eleven

Run Time: 1hr 56mins
Perfect For: Classy background noise and movement.

It’s simple, it’s smart, it features a cast you can only dream of seeing ever again. Oceans Eleven is the type of film that isn’t going to push that heavy mind of yours after a gruelling day at work. It settles nicely into the background, to the point where if you step away for a few minutes – you really aren’t going to miss much. But the swagger of Clooney, Pitt, Damon and co. is enough to keep you very entertained and satisfied. There’s probably a decent chance you’ve seen it already, but chuck it on early, cook up some dinner and pour yourself a cheeky glass of red. You deserve it.

Image sources: Open Road Films, Day 1 Films, Warner Bros, Deadline, YouTube, Variety. 

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