Netflix Just Teamed Up With Nickelodeon So Hurry Up With The New Avatar Show

Hurry uppppppppppppp

Netflix just announced that they’re teaming up with Nickelodeon, and OMG yes please.

Obvs this has come with the fact that Disney Plus just launched, and uh, it’s absolutely killing it. Disney’s streaming service got over 10 million subscribers after only being out for one day, so I imagine Netflix and Nickelodeon are trying team up against the giant and not lose viewers (because who TF is going to subscribe to so many services).

Interestingly, Aussie Netflix just raised its prices to 20 bucks per month for a family account (my heart cried a little when I got the notification), which makes me wonder if it’ll actually push people away who were maybe choosing between Disney and Netflix.

The Nickelodeon collab is a multi-year deal to produce original animated content from the Nickelodeon world, which begs only one question – are we getting the Avatar apology remake we were promised?

To give you a refresher, Netflix announced a reimaged live-action Avatar, which was promised not be a cursed and vile thing like the “movie.” Instead, the Netflic series would be produced by the original writers of the show, who assured fans that the cast was going to be “culturally appropriate” and “non-whitewashed.”

Considering Netflix just added the original Avatar: The Last Airbender show, which I’ve binge-watched like twice now, I’m expecting some good shit. The timely Netflix x Nickelodeon collab is the perfect context for us to get what we want – so let’s hope it goes well.

Me watching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the 67th time. 

Image Sources: Nickelodeon. 

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