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Netflix’s Queer Eye Gave Rescue Doggo Lacey A Self-Care Routine

Self-care routines are a universally renowned process of mental, physical and emotional upkeep that should not be limited to us humans. You really are a fool to think that the doggos of the world are exempt from the hardships of life. They too get stressed and a little anxious; they too can put on a few kgs and lose themselves.

Lacey, a 3 year old rescue doggo is no exception. She needed a little TLC and Netflix’s overhaul gurus, Queer Eye were the first point of call.

In tribute to National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, the Queer Eye fab five gave Lacey a total makeover; from diet to doggy dress ups. Grooming expert, Jonathon showed Lacey how to apply a coconut oil-based paw cream – a tear jerker. Then culture expert, Karamo offered Lacey the chance to open up about her tumultuous past – tear jerker times two thousand. It’s a wholesome fifteen minute episode that will have you crying your doggo loving eyes out.

Watch it and cry a few wholesome tears over Lacey’s transformation – she really is the goodest doggo you’ve seen.

Sources: Netflix Youtube.

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