New Doco ‘The Devil Next Door’ Is Being Described As The Most Disturbing Thing On Netflix

The mini-series follows a Nazi death camp guard responsible for the death of almost 1 million Jews.

Netflix’s latest true crime documentary, ‘The Devil Next Door,’ landed on Friday and has already caused chaos. People of the internet are freaking out about how insanely disturbing this doco is. However viewers are urging people to suck it up and watch this extremely confronting, yet important series. People can’t stop posting about how gobsmacked they are that this really happened.

The Series Is About A Nazi Death Camp Guard Living In The US Under A New Name

The mini-series follows John Demjanjuk, a Grandfather living in Cleveland during the 1980’s. He is brought to trial in Israel, accused of being the infamous Nazi death camp guard, Ivan The Terrible.  Demjanjuk is believed to have been the guard responsible for personally killing almost a million Jews during the Holocaust.

He is extradited to Israel and faces death by hanging, but is appealing the case, claiming his innocence. Honestly, no one knows what to believe and the documentary is pretty unbiased. The Audience is left to make up their own minds. Which has people even more conflicted.

It Features Horrific And Disturbing Footage Of The Holocaust

Aside from the case itself, the documentary goes into a great amount of depth regarding the tragedies of the Holocaust. In rare footage, survivors open up about their terrifying memories from concentration camps. It also shows children being gunned down, women having their breasts removed and people lining up for gas chambers. The series is honestly heartbreaking and so hard to watch.

The footage and some of the themes discussed are so confronting that viewers have hailed it as one of the most disturbing pieces of true crime to appear on Netflix. Even if you have to watch it through gritted teeth and with your hands over your eyes, it’s still an extremely important reminder of a tragic event in history that can never be forgotten.

People are horrified, by still recommend you watch the series for yourself.

You will have to give it a binge on Netflix and make your own mind on the situation. If you’ve already watched The Devil Next Door and you’re looking for more true crime to feed your weird addiction, we have you covered.

Image Sources: Netflix, Twitter

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