New Gillette Ad Calls Out Toxic Masculinity And (Some) Men Can’t Handle It

After a year of sexual harassment call outs, violence, and the prominent #MeToo campaign, Gillette have taken an almighty stand against ‘boys being boys’ and we, for one, are bloody proud of them.

The razor company has released a new advert depicting scenes of bullying, sexual harassment, and sexism both at home, the workplace and notably in the media. The two-minute video is powerful and shows real new stories as well as actor and comedian Terry Crews’ June speech about toxic masculinity and sexual abuse.

The advert follows their thirty year old ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ campaign. Now, the international company is running it’s ‘The Best A Man Can Be’ campaign and now pledge to ‘actively challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man everywhere you see Gillette.’

The advert has been praised tenfold, and rightly so. But there are certain people who aren’t happy with the way that Gillette is grouping men together as a whole and portraying them in a bad light. Maybe these are the same people Gillette are referring to when they say men are not holding themselves accountable for the actions we all so commonly hear about.

Piers Morgan, for one, isn’t so happy. Although are we really surprised?

The Have I Got News For You account jumped back in perfect response to Piers’ tweet.

The internet is blowing up even more with the hashtag #BoycottGillette along with people posting photos of their Gillette razors in the bin. We’re not entirely sure if these actions are going to change the world, or anyone else’s opinion for that matter but kudos to them for trying.

Whilst we understand that men as a whole cannot be blamed for the entirety of issues that have arisen in the past few years, we can support Gillette in the way that they have approached both the advert and campaign by raising the issue of teaching the next generation right from wrong.

And judging from the huge backlash, there’s going to be copious amounts of men sporting beards from now on.

Image Source: Gillette

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