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All The New Seasons To Stream On Netflix This July

Welcome everybody to dry July. Sobriety is up and the winter is really starting to kick in. So with many of us planning not to leave the comfort of our beds this month, it seems like the perfect time to binge watch a brand new series on our favourite online streaming service. Forget reruns and trolling the internet in search of the perfect short film for tonight, we got you covered.

Orange Is The New Black – Season 6

The Netflix fan favourite is back for a new season and sure as hell this is going to keep me glued to my laptop for the coming weeks (or days). We may have to wait until the end of the month *sigh* but in the coming weeks, in order to pass the time, we can speculate what will come from the tumultuous season five. Strap in and get ready kids.

The Sinner – Season 1

If you haven’t already jumped on this boat, now is your time to do so. Based on the novel by the same name, this skin crawling series stars Jessica Biel as young mother Cora Tannett. Basically she is overcome by a fit of rage and commits a startling public act of violence. The series follows Biel’s character and uncovering why she behaved the way she did. If thrillers are your thing, then totally tune in.

The Fosters – Season 5

Feeding our addiction to this juicy series, Netflix is releasing new episodes this month. Certainly one of the most singable opening credit sequences on Netflix, the Fosters have certainly captured our hearts and love of drama.

Shameless – Season 8

William H Macy is back with this fearlessly twisted series. With new episodes out at the end of July, there is plenty of time to binge watch the first seven seasons if you haven’t already jumped on this bandwagon.

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